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Hello and welcome everyone my name is Babi and this is my Patreon page!
Almost a year ago I started uploading gameplay footage on YouTube and ever since I have become almost addicted to it. I like to help people make decissions on their potential purchases when it comes to videogames but knowing I entertain people feels very satisfying as well I must say.
The type of games that I cover consist of mostly the newest Indie games so you can expect a lot of variety there.
From me you can expect a critical and frank attitude when it comes to covering videogames and this is something that I'm quite proud of.

As I haven't really gotten any money out of YouTube so far and I'd love to invest more time in creating content, I decided to come here. Aside from creating YouTube content I am a student and live on my own, needless to say this requires me to work the weekends. This limits the amount of time I can invest in creating videos. I intend to invest your support in thumbnails, video games, equipment and as a buffer. The bigger this "buffer" gets, the less time I have to work and the more time I can invest in creating videos. This will allow me to put more research into the games I play, resulting in a higher quality of my videos as well as putting out more of them.

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You will have my eternal gratefulness :)
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This goal will allow me to put some money in getting better channel art and improve the overall appeal of it.
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