is creating Epic fight battles of your favorite super heroes as babies!

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Strap we take you to an alternate universe, where your favorite super heroes go head to head in an epic battle, as babies! Don't miss out on upcoming videos, ..MORE ARE COMING...

My name is Shack Korir, from Eldoret Kenya...I've loved creating since i was young. From filling my class books with more drawings than classwork as a child , to sculpting faces on pencils using surgical blades...I once got punished for drawing in a motivation lecture session. watching Samurai Jack, Power puff girls , justice league, batman of the future and more growing up fed my love for animated actions...thus I pursued Film and animation in campus in Kenya, and also thanks to Youtube I learnt to wield the right tools to create epic animation hence "Babyverse" on 5/3/2019. I'm blessed with a ravishing wife and a handsome baby boy, I do this for my family and people who love action and comics, I'm just getting warmed up.I have only one laptop and it's really slowing me down...feel free to support me to get more resources in this venture. Welcome to Babyverse more epic fights are coming.Always remember, You are awesome.
$0 of $2,000 per month
It took me around 1 year to complete the first animation on this April/2019 which is Baby Black Panther vs Baby Deadpool.

On reaching $2,000 goal,  I can be able to focus all my time and skills on Babyverse animation with different baby heroes characters ,because all my expenses will be covered as I'm blessed with a family. Thus I'll be able to produce more episodes faster for your eye fest.

For now I have 1 laptop and it has been taking from 20 minutes to 3 hours to render each frame of the animation(each second in the animation has 30 frames) since the animation scene is heavy, and it has HD textures used and resolution because I don't compromise when it comes to releasing quality epic HD animation videos for you fam. So having a more powerful PC workstation and a drawing Tablet will lead to faster and more efficient workflow. 

With the earnings goal, I'll also be able to 3D print and send to you the 3D heroes and models of your choice from Babyverse and I'll be able to buy quality 3D printing machines on reaching the earnings goal.

Your support is appreciated, Let's do this, Babyverse is just getting warmed up for you.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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