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About Riley Dwight

Support #TeamBadassFatass!

Every person has access needs. To participate in society, spaces, relationships, the economy, healthcare, you name it. Everyone needs doors they can enter, furniture that supports them, air they can breathe and so much more.

Some people's access needs are met, others are just not. That's messed up.

When a person’s access needs aren’t met, two things happen:
  1. They have less opportunity to live a full life because they have to devote time, energy and resources to navigating through a world that is not built for them.
  2. They are exposed to both physical and emotional harm.

The Badass Fatass is leading an accessibility revolution!

As Rachel Dwight, I’m a mild-mannered gig-economy spoonie paying the bills while surviving everyday fatphobia and ableism. I’m one of the many who barely get by because of accessibility challenges the world has created around me. However, I refuse to let myself be treated as though my access needs are less important than anyone else’s. That’s why my alter ego, The Badass Fatass, is fighting to save the world from the perils of inaccessibility.

<<Comic Book Narrator: Cast down, aside, and out of countless events and opportunities. Superfat, Disabled, Trans. Their scooter stolen, their body and gender identity challenged, Rachel kept moving anyway. Not a supercrip. Just super cool. In this cauldron of empowerment, the Badass Fatass was born.>>

Why Badass Fatass?

BAD - Building Accessible Designs
ASS - Just Ass. I’m a sexologist.
FAT - I’m not only a superhero, I’m superfat, and I need somewhere to sit that won’t break me or the chair, dammit.
ASS - More Ass. I also run a body-inclusive sex store.

Accessibility Revolution, you say?

Everyone deserves accessibility in order to thrive. This is how I help:

  • Approaching Access - I consult with businesses to improve access and inclusion for everyone.
  • Ally Trainings - I teach groups concrete practices on how to support and advocate for folx with varying access needs.
  • Writing, Speaking, Movement building - Via and other outlets, I empower those of us with varying access needs to love, appreciate, respect, and advocate for ourselves.
  • Respect our Sex - I support people of all sizes, physical abilities, ages, and anatomies to have great sex.

Here’s how you can help #TeamBadassFatass

Living in the Bay Area is a double-edged sword. While there are great possibilities for business growth - there are are a countless number of startups and other businesses here that need this support so they can grow into accessible companies - the cost of living is challenging. Right now I drive rideshare to make ends meet - a gig economy job with ZERO Safety net or support. It also hurts my body to sit in my car for extended periods of time - it makes the Badass a Sadass :(

When you become a Patron, you not only provide financial support for me to transition to my full-time superhero work, you also subsidize my work to help make this world better for people with marginalized bodies and varying access needs.

Not able to become a Patron right now? You can still show your support by sharing this campaign with your friends and family and on social media.

<<Comic Book Narrator: And spread the word about the Badass Fatass!>>
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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