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About Badguy292

I am Mikkel E. P. Also known as Badguy292 or under the character alias Merishya Saniroza. I am a creative and curious individual who does many different things. I do Story-writing, 3D modelling, Level design, Modding and Game development, mainly on Unreal Engine 4.

I plan to make my very own action-adventure game in Unreal Engine, featuring a vast free-roam/open world, expanding multiple timelines and cultures and the main character will be a Demoness by the name of Merishya Saniroza. This game will be based on the story I am writing as well and I will post chapters as I finish them. Before undertaking this large project, I am working on smaller projects until I get this Patreon up and running so I can support myself.

Q: "But If I pledge, what will my money go to?!"
Your money will go primarily go towards my living condition, getting me food on the table and paying my bills in return for whatever I can offer through my services here. Secondarily, your money goes towards maintaining our community, Succubus Lovers, and our website!
Also my Story writing, expanding my skillset in 3D modelling, Audio, Coding and Unreal Engine!

Q: "What are you doing?"
Currently experimenting with making games on Unreal Engine 4, making 3D models and sounds and finding ways to make it work within the engine.
I am also writing a story with deep feelings of loss, gain, death, gore, rage, madness, insight, love, awakening, sex, action and blood... Lots of sex, action and blood. This story may be the base of a future game as well.

I am also part of other projects that I assist mostly for free, if not completely for free and your pledge would motivate me more in everything I do!

If you do not want to pledge but rather do a single payment, you can throw me some Zimbabwe pesos via PayPal on my E-mail: [email protected]
$20.27 of $100 per month
At this, I'll publicly release a free package of 3D models for basic use. Tables, Chairs, Couches, Shelves etc. with textures and .blend files for blender!
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