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This tier gives me a cup of coffee to drink while I edit my website/videos. Thanks for the help!

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    This tier buys me a drinks that are not water. Mainly just a bag of coffee or boxes of tea (of which I drink a ton of).

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    About Brandon Grisham

    Welcome to my digital donation page!

    Most content creators have one of these as a method of being paid for their hard work.
    That reason alone is why I decided to create my own. I write primarily on my own personal website. I also turn most of my written posts into digital videos on my YouTube page.

    With your help, I can move more quickly with my writing, editing, and video output. 
    Any amount helps and is greatly appreciated.

    At the most basic level, your subscription means that you’ll be getting early (and occasionally exclusive) access to most of my website and YouTube content.
    By donating you gain access to post notes, subscriber polls, and every upload that I create earlier than usual.
    $0 of $1,000 per month
    This will enable me to do less work at my day job and invest more time in my website (several new posts a month, giving you additional content.)
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