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  • A warp to a location only accessible for patreon pledgers, nothing special about it really - just a lounge area. (/warp lounge)
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per month
  • You'll be able to customize your font color with the ability to use color codes in the chat, for example &aHello World for a green message.
  • No timer for home invites.
  • Reduced home cooldown to 10 seconds.

Previous levels also apply.

per month
  • Use the command /wb to pull up the workbench UI without having to place one down.
  • Ability to use the /hats command to equip particular blocks on your head. (Do remove your helmet first if any)
  • Will be granted access to see, try and give feedback on early stages of upcoming areas, events and so on whenever there is such work going on.

Previous levels also apply.




per month

About Baku

F-craft has been one of the biggest furry Minecraft servers for many years, it has offered a mostly vanilla experience since early 2011 and values keeping the past available.

So why does this patreon exist?
It's a great way to continuously help towards the server either alongside a regular donation or just as is.

NEW INFO 4th Jan 2021:
Right now some changes will be made to the Patreon, some of the perks listed won't be available and the patreon will exist more to continuously support the server rather than one-time donations. Expect some updates later on.
$69.88 of $75 per month
Would allow for a contingency fund in case of sudden costs such as hardware replacement.
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