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About Niley Bacolcol

Hi! My Name is Niley Bacolcol, and I am pleased to see you here! I am an artist, designer and game developer. I am the guy behind the graphic novel entitled "Balete High" which you can read here.  I do not have my own studio yet but i do my projects after my regular day job. Together with some friends, I am trying to develop a third person RPG based on a Philippine mythology. 

About Balete City Video Game

Balete City has been my dream since I started writing a story over 2 years ago. The novel was just meant to be a simple story that would showcase Philippine Mythology. After some time, I found the strength to visualize it and turn it into a graphic novel. Within years of doing digital art, I learned all the requirements in order to start doing game development. I have dedicated all my projects into a single story line - that of Balete High.

By supporting my Patreon you are empowering me and many others to develop this game until it is playable and ready to be released. The goal of Balete City is to inspire and immerse people, Pinoy or not, to the beautiful and vast culture of the Philippines. Filipino mythology is the main ingredient in building this game. That mixed with the current, relevant and everyday experiences of young Filipinos would hopefully make a very compelling and relatable game. Imagine living in a shoe of a Senior High School student where he discovers that Ancient Beliefs and Mythologies (including the creatures, of course) are alive and well in the current timeline. 

I have a lot of plans and features but for now my main focus are the bare minimum and at least legit playable demo gameplay. If I have enough funds and time I may be able to scale it up and make it into a full game. I would like to get additional funding to realize all the ideas that i want to feature. Any amount would help since I'm currently limited to my personal funds which isn't that much. 

Balete City will use donations and tips and Patreon for the cost of developing it. This includes, licenses, registration fees, outsourced talent fees, marketplace fees. Additionally, funding can be used for the bare minimum living expenses of the developer. This can help me work more on the game instead on working on other projects. It means that I can get other artist to work on the project too. Maybe pay for some original music covers for OST. Anything that can help me speed up the development of the Game. 

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