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DESIGNS & FIRSTS Created the SA3 video and codec 1998
Created the SA3 mp3 codec 1995
Created and built first SA3 3D Matrix CPU 1998
Created and built first 3D non-intersect CPU 1994
Inventor and creator of SA3 Technology process 1992
Designed and built first analog to digital controller for special effects
Designed first multiplexer network system for Model II TRS-80 (1st networked hard drive system for micro computers)
Saatchi and Saatchi Agency—commercials and projects—designed and created computer systems to support CGI and some of the first Raster scan machine programming
Programmed first drill DAC CAD-CAM system used for several DOD classified projects Worked on first multi-layer printed circuit board systems
Designed and built printed circuit boards
Financial Industry:
Worked with team developing CORDOS OS for Corvus hard drive system, including network implementation
Designed and built PCM unit (digital to analog/analog to digital) for backing up data to video tape with PPL encryption system
Designed DBMS system for CD Brokerage
Designed and programmed sale call track DBMS
Designed and programmed federal wire interface system
Designed and programmed mark to mark system for Shearson Lehman Brothers
Designed and programmed Fannie Mae and Ginny Mac calculation table systems for First United Fund, Ltd. and E.F. Hutton & Co.
Set up first satellite communication network real-time upload and download for Merrill Lynch Designed and programmed touch type security system for security registering system for CDs (Torn Bill Method)
Designed and programmed PBX interface system for tracking sales calls responsible for 4.5 billion dollars in transactions/year
Designed and programmed mail merge letter system
Gateway Studios, EKO, Show Palace, Sirus, RPM, Dangerous Records, CRC
Sonic Underground Mastering, including SA3 for 20+ Major Artists and 100’s of albums Atlantic Records SRS Console Unification Project
INVENTIONS Inventor of SA3 Technology:
IBM System 59 Certification
IBM System 38 Certification
Securities Protection Insurance Corporation (SPIC) Federal Wire Certification Certified EE for installation of hyper-power UPS systems for computer power

Awards for Best Sound at AES Show for Remastering, Audiofile, Audiophilia, Mix, AMS, Best Sound, High Fidelity and more
Credits include: Bob Marley, Frank Sinatra, Sting, Rolling Stones, and more
RPG Fortran
Software Developer
Mac OS 7-12
Unix OS Xenix OS VM/AIX—OS for IBM
DDS Machine C/C++/C# Basic JCL Assembly Pascal Cobol
Apple Computer, Inc 1987 – present Software development on all platforms from IIg – present OS, including iPhone and iPad
CEO/Founder Sound Archeology 1992 – 2008 Created SA3 sound archeology for remastering and several firsts in the analog/digital revolution. Received numerous magazine write ups for SA3 technology creation.
Producer/Engineer/Mastering Engineer 1992 – 2005 Won awards and credits for Bob Marley, Frank Sinatra, Sting and Rolling Stones were reviewed.
System Core Engineer
Technical Consultant Saatchi and Saatchi Agency
Various commercials and projects designing computer systems to support CGI
Technical Consultant Guiding Light Daytime Series
Designed and created computer displays for hospital set, including: x-rays, database systems, and key sync with camera interface to prevent black scroll of video/refresh image with video camera
OEM Motorola/IBM 1984 – 1987 68K family chip set (68000 – 68040) and IBM chip set 650 – 950 (Power PC Series) G1 – G5 chip series
Software Engineer Omnitechnics Inc. 1983 – 1987
Designed and programmed medical database management system (DBMS) which was implemented in many medical centers. DBMS kept patient records, as well as full billing.
Designed and certified some of the first electronic Blue Cross medical billing software, legal system software, and systems.
SPEAKER American Medical Association Lead Speaker at MGM Grand Hotel & Casino 1984 Implementation and use of computers in the medical office.

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