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Hey friends! I really want you to help me get better at animating. I really like doing shorts but my goal is to make a full feature movie. 
  • Thanks for your help in me making my goals!!! I promise to give you the first previews of my creations!




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About Bam Chesson

Hi, I'm Bam Chesson. I'm 14 and I love to animate. I'm getting better and better everyday and I really enjoy it. Right now, I mostly use the app on my phone called Sticknodes to animate and I love it. I would like to use other things to make my animations better. Like a computer, software and images. Mostly I look at the way others animate with Sticknodes so I can get better at it. I just did my first showing at the At&t Create-a-thon with my mom and it was a great experience. People really liked it and it made me want to do more and get better at it.

My mom said that I can use this page to get to know other animators and people to help me get better at animating. Thank you in advance for your help.

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