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About Bandyte

Hey Everybody!

Welcome to the Bandyte Patreon page. At this moment I'm streaming the full process of making a full 3D animation Short. You can follow along and ask questions in the chat.

Who am I? I've been a freelance and contracted artist and production coordinator for some years, working in all fields regarding 3D animation. I've worked on indie stuff and AAA titles. and throughout the years I've noted down what the best practices are to efficiently but creatively make a 3d animated short.

Why Patreon? As fun as streaming on YouTube is at this point I'm still trying to build a business. And with that business I need a reliable revenue stream. I still believe knowledge should be free and I don't want to change my format to prepared courses with little to no insight into the actual work behind a paywall. So let's see if this works out :D.

So welcome :D relax, take a seat and join the ride.
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You are now a resident of the Bandyte Kingdom, welcome :D. Your name will be features at the end credits of each video and stream.

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Become a knight of Bandyte and I will totally thank you at the end of each stream and video :O

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Ah, dear Lord Governor! I will give monthly feedback in a video of one of your artworks or wips! in-depth artistic and technical reviewing.

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Oh, Thee, Baron of Bandyte. You will gain access to monthly private one hour long one-on-ones where you can ask questions/feedback/talk. A voice-chat with screen share will make sure everything is clear.

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