Barbara J Webb

is creating strange toads in strange gardens.
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About Barbara J Webb

Hello and welcome! I'm writer Barbara J. Webb. If you're here because you already like my fiction, awesome! If you've never read me before, you can see samples and links at my website,

I write a blend of fantasy and romance. I love both genres. Give me people with magic falling in love. More of that in the world! I populate my worlds with queer characters of every stripe and believe that all fiction should be inclusive to reflect the world around us. 

I also teach writing every summer, guiding novelists on their paths alongside Kij Johnson. In addition to teaching, I've done a great deal of critiquing, book-doctoring, and workshopping, both paid and unpaid. 

Right now, I'm posting stories you can read for free at both Wattpad ( and Tapas ( I want to keep sharing these stories, and your support makes that possible. In addition to supporting my writing, it helps me pay for the cover art and editing that are important parts of making good books.

I appreciate all your support and the opportunity it gives me to keep doing what I love, creating adventures for the characters I adore.

Banner art on this page created by the ever-amazing Jordan Grimmer.
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