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You will get access to all the general Patreon posts including the Patron only videos that come out daily. 

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About Barnacules Nerdgasm

Welcome to the Official Patreon page for Barnacules Nerdgasm YouTube & Twitch channels

I would like to welcome you to join me on my journey to educate, entertain & inspire the masses on all things that are NERDY. I have always had a passion for Technology, Software Development, 3D Printing, Inventing, Computers, Gaming, Simulation, Virtual Reality and just about anything else that involves Dungeons & Dragons levels of passion. 

I come from a background of software development that started as a kid making programs on an Apple IIe in special education at grade school and ending with creating best in class automation tools & services for the largest software company on the planet for 15 years as a Senior Software Developer at Microsoft. When Microsoft decided to go a different direction that no longer involved them testing software anymore leading to my entire division (1800+) getting laid off I decided it was time to stop working for THE MAN and start being my own boss.

Watch my LIFE STORY from ADHD kid -to- MS Developer

I have created over 750+ videos on the YouTube platform and hundreds of live streams on the Twitch platform over the years and want to continue making much more. I have a very diverse library of content and I'm always looking to expand it because my ADHD makes me shift gears constantly and always being looking for the next thing. I urge you to look at my huge content library and let me know what you like, dislike or want to see moving forward since as a Patron here you will have my Undivided Attention

You can find me in every corner of the internet since I absolutely love interacting with people. I hope you will join me on the numerous social media platforms, forums and real time services that I participate in so we can all share our passions and keep on raising the bar.

🗣 Social Media Platforms 🗣

🎥 Content Platforms 🎥

🔊 Chat Platforms 🔊

I would like to thank each and every one of you for joining me on this journey and helping to support me while I share my passion with the world. Without the direct support from you guys it wouldn't be possible for me to maintain this moving forward with all the Ad Blockers and constant changes on the media platforms that make it harder and harder for creators like myself to keep making content. Your support will help me moving forward to become self sufficient and no longer reliant on those platforms and hopefully as a result we can just keep on making content until the day my little ticker in my chest gives out on me and my work here is done.

Join me in the Nerd Cave and let's keep this party going!

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  1. I will commit to two live streams every week on Twitch
  2. I will commit to two videos every week on YouTube
  3. I should be able to pay all my bills and tell the IRS to #@$^ off
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