is creating videos of mostly mediocre quality
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About Battening

Hello, I'm Battening. I make YouTube videos about various subjects.
I started my channel making really bad response videos. I've moved into making videos examining other creators' content right here on the interwebs, along with a few series' I'm currently working on.
I'm going to try using this Patreon page to throw ideas out there to my fans, see if anyone likes the idea, and possibly move forward with it. My patrons will be the first to know when a new series is coming out, or if I have an idea for a series that I think people might enjoy. I'm not offering prizes or anything currently, as I'm treating Patreon as a tip jar for the content I produce on YouTube.
I will post links for my new videos to my patrons the night before public launch, except for my 'How to' videos, since that could cause some unwanted issues before the video ever makes it public (I'm sure you understand).
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$1,500 per video would allow me to spend far more time on making videos, as I would be able to go part-time with my current full-time job. It also might help increase the quality of the videos, but that's just theoretical.
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