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The Bard's Apprentice - Exclusive Updates
You are interested in supporting the creation of epic tabletop audio! Thank you! You have our eternal gratitude! You'll get the following rewards: 
(1) Exclusive BattleBards Updates only for our Patrons
(2) Be named on our Hall of Patrons on

Note: This Pledge Tier does not include any audio rewards
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The Adventuring Bard - Bonus Audio
You want some audio too? Awesome. You'll get the following rewards: 
(1) The Bard's Apprentice PLUS
(2) Once we reach our $100 Milestone voting privileges will be opened to determine what audio we will release to our Patron community
(3) One early release audio track in mp3 format released through your account. These are unreleased tracks which you will receive months in advance of launch on! Expect audio releases about once a month.
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The Audiophile - Patreon WAV File Exclusives
You either love BattleBards, or maybe you're just an audio junkie. Both perhaps? You'll get the following rewards:
(1) The Adventuring Bard PLUS
(2) The Sacred Master WAV file during every release of an audio track! We do not release WAV files on These are exclusive releases just for being a Patron at this tier. This uncompressed format means you get the highest quality audio possible. Convert it to any format and Bitrate desired for your listening pleasure.




per Per Audio Track Released


After a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2015 and the Official Launch of in February 2016 we need your help to continue producing Hollywood caliber audio for your Tabletop campaigns on a regular basis

Our Bards keep asking us "What audio are we listening to next?" We'd honestly love to have a massive slate of new audio for everyone to choose from. But, the fact is, these lutes are very expensive to make. We spend every cent we have to make new Audio and to build the Tools to use them. As a result we barely manage to keep the lights on at the end of the month. And that's why we're here.

Please note: Our Patreon is not a discount store, nor a pre-sales channel. It is intended for Patrons who genuinely want to support our creative endeavor. Of course there are awesome exclusive rewards :)

What is BattleBards?

A grassroots initiative started 4 years ago with our small group of gamers originally called The Orange County Gaming Group (OCGG). We invested a few thousand dollars to custom create audio for our games and it all ended up being pretty freaking awesome! So we thought to see if anyone else would be interested in pooling together funds to create an entire TTRPG audio library and that's when we hit Kickstarter for the first time in 2013 under the Realmsound Project.

Four years and two successful Kickstarter projects later, we are now "BattleBards". Our community of Thousands of gamers (including us) have worked together to create 700+ Tailor-made audio Tracks and the Tools to use them for Tabletop Role Playing Games. BattleBards audio includes background music inspired by fantasy races, Environmental Soundscapes, Racial Languages, Monsterscapes, NPC scripts written to bring life to everyday character interactions, and a colossal array of bone crushing, spell fire blasting sound effects... We're all about adding another level of immersion to every game.

What do you get for your Pledge?

Aside from a hearty Thank You, there are some real tangible benefits for being a BattleBards Patron. Depending on how you pledge you can get access to the following benefits:

Insider News
What is the BattleBards team up to that no one else gets to know? As a Patron you'll get exclusive updates that includes news on upcoming features, new audio we're creating, and questions directed at you to help steer the BattleBards ship.

Direct Voting Power for what we Create!
Once we reach our first milestone of $100 per track, we'll open up for voting so you have direct input into what we release for you using your valuable contributions!  

EARLY Audio Releases MONTHS before officially launching on!
The actual creation process for a single track takes over 50 hours of work and 3-6 months until it's actually launched to the public on BattleBards. It takes that long because we release Albums that contain multiple tracks along with cover artwork to go along with it. That entire process takes a while, especially when your core team is as small as our 3-Bard Band is.  What we're going to do is provide you with select tracks as soon as we've created them! That's 1-3 months before they are launched on BattleBards.

Get Master .WAV files in addition to the .mp3! 
We DO NOT provide WAV files of BattleBards audio on any channel. However, if you pledge at the right Tier, that's exactly what you'll get! For you Audiophiles this is a godsend for sure.

- FAQs -

How often will Audio be released to Patrons?

We intend on releasing 1 new track a month through Patroon. By backing at the Adventuring Bard level ($2) and above, each track will be added to your BattleBards account, plus all the other rewards for the level you back at! As we may end up releasing more than that, you can adjust your Pledge to cap the amount you want to spend in any given month. By capping your pledge even if we somehow release more than the expected number of tracks, you can ensure you're pledging only what you want to.

How Will I Get my Audio if I back at the Adventuring Bard ($) level or above?
We will deposit the audio directly into your account! If you don't have an account yet, simply register using your Patreon email address. If your email address for BattleBards and Patreon differ then just let us know.  

If your pledge tier includes WAV files, you'll receive a Dropbox link through a private message to your Patreon Account from us

What Audio is going to be created?
We will start off with Music and Soundscapes in the Fantasy Setting. Once we reach our first Milestone of $100 per track we'll open it up for voting and you can help steer the ship.

Will Audio be released to the $1 The Bard's Apprentice Level?
No. In general this tier is intended for Patrons who simply want to provide support and receive insider information on what we're doing. The $2 and above Pledge Tiers will receive the audio bonuses.
If I Pledge later do I get access to the audio that was released earlier on Patreon? 
No, but you will receive anything current and released in the future.

Is all BattleBards Audio created being released through Patreon?
No, only select tracks which you help us release here. We will continue releasing other audio independently on and through crowdfunding of larger projects on Kickstarter

Why Patreon and not another Kickstarter?
Kickstarters are best for funding entire Projects. And that's not what we're looking to do with Patreon. Patreon is a track by track creation process. Patreon tracks will be driven by you guys and are not restricted to a single theme and they don't have to cover every type of audio we create (music, soundscapes, sound effects, monsterscapes, NPC scripts, Racial Languages). Maybe we just focus on Music and Sound Effects for example. Or maybe we cover everything. We want to put the decision in the hands of the community.
$22 of $100 per Per Audio Track Released
Once we reach $100 per track all patrons pledging $2 or higher will help steer the ship and be voting on what we should release next!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
Audio release
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
Audio release

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