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Thanks for helping me to tell the stories about Vets, Soldiers and First Responders. This generous donation of $10 a month helps me to do an important part of a video, filming, or editing. Maybe travel to Saskatchewan, pay a phone bill, get caught up on my mortgage, or anything that an artist needs to create their art. Thank You!
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This is the PTSD POWER PLEDGE. As you know, it has been suggested that 22 VETERANS DIE every day in North America in North America. We are trying to begin the healing by making videos that touch people and let them know that they are not alone. Through our new PTSD group, we hope to provide informal peer support and information for people that need help. Your $22 per month helps us to do this, to affect change, and begin healing.

- A video interview on Skype or OVOO with your filmmaker Dixon Christie
- A call or a shout out or
- A hand drawn caricature from 'ole dix or
- a fancy dance. (embarrassing style - your choice)

If you want to empower me to tell more stories about our PTSD warriors on the front lines with Vets, Soldiers and First Responders, this is our chance to really shine. At the time of writing, I have released 10 PTSD videos and they have reached over 100,000 PEOPLE! I know that lives are being changed because people are telling me. Together we can build a massive repository of videos that can begin the healing for people with PTSD. Who knows, you might even watch this filmmaker get healed along the way. 
Limited (100 of 100 remaining)
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$25 will help fund a quarter tank of gas, a few hours with our Vets, or some days, some fierce editing and a portion of a video production. I will also give you a shout out on Facebook and email you a custom POSTER from the Battle Scars arsenal!




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Hello and THANK YOU so much for your consideration in becoming my patron! My name is Dixon Christie and I am a filmmaker from Edmonton, Alberta. For the past 25 years, I have been working in entertainment and marketing in Alberta. Now after 15 years working to learn my filmmaking craft, I am proud to say that I am able to work 24/7 doing what I love; making movies about our military, our working class, our disenfranchised, and marginalized persons on the fringes of society.  


1. It may not seem like a great business model but my work is free and always has been free. People often ask me how I can afford to do that. I believe that people should pay what they want and what they feel they can afford for all art. I also believe that my video should be made freely available to all colleges and universities across Canada at no, low, or whatever cost they can afford. I don't ask that people pay for my work, I invite them to pay what they want, if they can.

2. So you are investing your hard earned money into a single altruistic individual who has ALREADY made 3 seasons of Battle Scars and over 150 docs and mini-documentaries about Vets and Soldiers. I have dedicated my life to telling these essential stories and if you are like me and want more of these stories produced, you are just a click away from making this happen! 

3. Battle Scars TV is the only show like of it's kind in Canada, what a shame! Help me do what needs to be done for Canada - record these stories and share them with the world! With your help, these stories will literally live forever on video channels around the world.

4. Our current focus on PTSD is topical and relevant. We have produced 50 interviews and about 20 PTSD storiesto date. PTSD is growing at an epidemic rate. Experts feel that over 3 million first responders are at risk in Canada alone. 22 people kill themselves across North America alone. Something has to be done. Let's do it together!

5. Your patronage of $10 - $25 a month is all that it takes to empower me to dedicate 100% of my time to Veterans and Soldiers. Your investment gives you a direct line to the guy that is making it all happen!

$0 of $7,700 per month
This budget allows for the completion of:
- four short documentary videos per month 
- filming of at least 10 interviews per month
- 8 story videos
- filming 10 interviews per month
- Working towards completion of the Paratroopers - The Canadian Story - 8 Part documentary series
- Working towards the completion of the History of the Loyal Edmonton Regiment documentary series

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