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  • Battle Box Access!
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Battle Yak Warrior

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You are now a Battle Yak Warrior, a mighty supporter of Battle Yak Miniatures! Well done!

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Battle Pack Monthly Releases!
You'll get a set of epic and stylish 3D Printable Miniature Files every month, based on a different thematic concept! Includes Pre-Supported Versions of all files! Battle Packs include:
  • 3 Character miniatures with an assortment of theme-specific modular armaments!
  • 1 Elite Character miniature, likewise with an assortment of theme-specific modular armaments!
  • Detailed miniature bases for each miniature matching the monthly theme!

The Battle Box!

Access to the Battle Box is yours! The Battle Box contains a ton of 3D printable miniatures, including the Beyond Mortality range of dark fantasy minis! Science-powered heroes battle ghostly monsters, all with a huge assortment of stylish themed bases, and plenty of bonus printable files too! See the full description of the Battle Box contents below!

And more!

  • As a Battle Yak Warrior, you're free to post in the Battle Yak Community! Share your comments, feedback, and suggestions with your fellow warriors about what characters and creatures you want to see!
  • You'll see concept art and in-progress sculpting of upcoming miniatures!
  • Take part in polls to determine what designs will be released in the future!
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  • All of the benefits of the Bloodthirsty Battle Yak Warrior tier!
  • You can Print and Sell models using 3D files from Battle Yak Miniatures!
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About Battle Yak Miniatures


I'm John 'Golden Yak' Yakimow, artist, character designer, and sculptor of 3D printables!

Battle Yak Miniatures is my 3D printable miniatures creation label, where I sculpt and share highly detailed 3D printable files with the tabletop gaming and 3D printing communities.

With Battle Yak Miniatures, you'll find printable miniature designs, stylishly inspired by my most beloved gaming entertainment properties, including Blizzard games, the Darksiders series, Darkest Dungeon, and tabletop games like Warhammer, Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, and Arkham Horror. The characters and creatures available here for printing boast elements of dark fantasy, sci-fi, eldritch horror, and retrofuturistic genres, perfect for RPG, wargaming, or just to collect and paint!

What BattleYak Offers Patrons

  • The Battle Box! A huge assortment of miniatures available for all Patrons! See below for an in-depth look at what's on offer!
  • Battle Pack Monthly Releases! Themed Miniature Sets, at least 4 printable character miniatures every month!
  • Epic Character and Godly Monster creations unlocked through Patron Milestones!
  • Community Access to view 3D sculpts as they take shape, concept art for upcoming designs, and Patreon-Exclusive posts! Share your ideas about what creatures you want to see, and vote on what gets made next!
  • Whatever bonuses and extras I can cram in!

The Battle Box | An In-Depth Look
Patrons at the Warrior-tier gain access to the Battle Box, a huge collection of 3D printable miniature files, including the Beyond Mortality line of science-fantasy minis!

The Battle Box will grow over time with new files as milestones are unlocked and more sculpts are developed. Access to the Battle Box is available through a link to Sync hosting.

The Battle Box Contents:
The Beyond Mortality miniature range, a selection of scifi-fantasy horror-themed miniatures! Includes everything you see here and more:

The heroic Order of the Blue Flame battles against the terrifying Ectomorphs using arcane technology and forbidden knowledge! These miniatures are perfect for retrofuturisic, dark fantasy, or eldritch horror settings, with elements of steampunk, science-fantasy, supernatural, and body-horror! The Beyond Mortality range will be expanded over time with more heroes and more monster designs as they are completed!

The Battle Box will also expand with additions to previous Monthly Battle Pack releases, letting you further augment and improve a Battle Pack's characters files with new weapons, equipment, and variant sculpts for even more variations! Many of these additions will be Patron Exclusive, available only through the Battle Box!

Patrons at the Aspirant-tier or higher get access to the Freebie Files folder! This folder has all manner of bonus printable files, including terrain elements like gravestones and statues, as well as base decorations allowing you to customize the appearance of your miniatures' themed bases!

Includes everything you see here, and a whole bunch more:


Battle Pack Monthly Releases

At the beginning of every month a new Battle Pack of miniatures be available for patrons for that month only! Each Battle Pack will feature a selection of miniatures based on a collective theme, anything from a war-horde of bloodthirsty orcs armed with magical grenade launchers to an army of cybernetically augmented demons... from space!

Battle Packs will become available for download from a password locked Sync folder. Link and password access will be made available in patron-only posts every month. Battle Pack releases are monthly only and availability will expire at the end of the month! Link and file sharing are prohibited, but sharing screenshots or photos of prints is encouraged!

Examples of Past Battle Packs

A Battle Pack will include a minimum of 7 character miniature files. As new Patron Milestones are unlocked, I'll be able to devote more time to producing more and more miniatures for every Battle Pack! Since September 2020, Battle Pack releases also feature Pre-Supported versions of all Miniature Files!

Battle Yak Miniatures Online Store

If Patreon isn't your thing, or if a previous Battle Pack you just have to have is no longer available, you'll still be able to grab the files from the official Battle Yak Miniatures online store at MyMiniFactory!

The Beyond Mortality miniature range and all character files from monthly Battle Packs will be made available for sale there some time after Patreon availability has expired!

3D Printing with Battle Yak Miniatures

Creating my own miniatures has been a dream of mine since I held my first 2nd edition Warhammer 40k figs. Now, with the magic* of 3D printing, I can finally make that dream come true, and share the results with the tabletop community!

If you want a preview of the level of quality Battle Yak Miniatures can offer you, I have a selection of free samples from the Beyond Mortality miniature range available at the Battle Yak Miniatures MyMiniFactory page! Note that the official Beyond Mortality miniatures will boast many more variants, and will be provided un-based for you to customize as you wish with a selection of detailed and decorated themed bases!

*(It does run on magic, right? It's the only explanation that makes sense...)

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Thanks for reading this far! Enjoy what Battle Yak Miniatures has to offer, and please spread the word to everyone you can! Check out Battle Yak Miniatures on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Follow for previews and updates on new and future releases! Join up on the official Discord and chat with folks!

The more Battle Yak grows, the more I can offer everyone!
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New Beyond Mortality Monster: The Ecto-Maw!
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