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Bawdy Storytelling is the original sex and storytelling series - the show that started it all... We've won 'Best Of's' from Oprah Magazine, Forbes, Mashable, GQ, Esquire and so many more! For years, Sexual Folklorist Dixie De La Tour has traveled the country to bring her unique spin on pervy personal narrative to San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, Portland, Baltimore, San Diego, and more cities to come.
And this live storytelling series is also an Award-winning Podcast and a Livestream.

Each podcast episode tells a bold and fearless personal story. Like the live stage series that Dixie's been doing for more than 13 years now, an episode's focus is to relay a sexual adventure that is true, intensely personal and above all, relatable. Dixie wants to know what about wild one-night stands, kink, spanking, open relationships, swinging, cuckoldry, sex work, carnal cosplay, being a furry, public sex - you name it - gets you going. Dive in with her and find out what real people (and the occasional rock star) truly want, and what they learn when they finally get it.

Does that sound pretty daring and maybe a little outrageous? It often is. Sex is more than just performing a primitive act; it’s about being true to your desires. Bawdy wants to inspire you to try something new. Dixie believes that storytelling can be your roadmap to self-discovery. If you’re a voyeur, Bawdy offers you a peek at a whole new world. And if you’re aching to figure out how to create your own sexual adventures, this podcast can show you how. There is no better way to learn what’s out there than through a masterfully told true story.

And Bawdy is not just shocking sexual exploits-- it's about self-acceptance and affirmation. Dixie thoughtfully coaches each tale and curates each live show to coax out the salient details; she also fires up the audience, asking them to support the tellers. Standing ovations abound, and people just like you bring the house down at every show. (Hey, it's not easy getting on stage and sharing those deep dark secrets, is it?) The result is groundbreaking; each episode and live show is a scene of love and trust.

Want to support Bawdy's life-changing mission? Join our Patreon today. And THANK YOU for wanting the world to be a more loving and accepting place.

And if you're a supporter of this Patreon: THANK YOU. We love doing live storytelling shows, but podcasting is rather new to us. Contributing and following Bawdy Storytelling here is you telling us you want to keep hearing these stories - and you're actively helping us share them with the world via our podcast. Way to make it happen!

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