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Hi! I'm Bebo and you might know me from other board game content that you've seen floating around the internet. Recently, I decided to venture out on my own into the world of Freelancing and while I am certainly capable of taking jobs making tabletop content here and there, I would eventually like to be able to create content for gamers, retail stores, and game publishers independently. 

While my old content tended to be completely neutral, having worked for a corporation, my new content will not be going the same route. While I will still aspire to be fair to all creators involved, Be Bold Games will aspire to think critically and create discussion around the tabletop games industry with its overall goal being to expand & promote the game industry as a whole. 

Through demonstrating leadership and influence, we aspire to grow the board gaming industry as whole to be a bolder and more welcoming community than ever before. Our goal is simple: help make tabletop gaming more accessible for everyone. We aim to welcome diversity and a sense of community through educating masses in the form of uplifting tweets, engaging blog articles, and thoughtful, high-quality videos. We will work to weave together pop culture, current events, news and board game content, in a highly informative, educational and digestible format.

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