Katie and Maayan

is creating a charity campaign called Be.Love.Give.Life.
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About Katie and Maayan

Once upon a time, a photographer traveled across the globe, leaving her homeland and family behind. She traveled across the ocean to a shiny, new continent, and landed, of all places, in the heart of the South. But . . . her journey was not in vain. For, in this distant land, she met someone. This woman she met had the words while she had the eye. They were destined to meet, to collaborate, and to create. So, Maayan and Katie set off into the wide world with a vision set deep in their souls. 

The first stop? YOU, of course. YOU are the key to realizing this vision. 

We want to interact and communicate with this great big world, with this world that is pregnant with experience and wisdom and laughter and love. We want to give back in a tangible way, and that's where YOU come in. The vision is to create a charity book and website where people (like you) can read the stories of the lives that surround us and give back in a tangible way to the cause that stirs them.

Our Be.Love.Give.Life Campaign is asking for you to open your hearts (and back it up with your wallets) in service of the world around all of us. 

Your funds will give a voice to stories around the world, stories that need to be heard. You will help launch the website, conduct interviews, field research, and cover book costs. Depending on your level of patronage, you may receive exclusive previews to the content on the website, a donation to the charity of your choice, your name on the book's donor list and website, and a discounted (or free, if funds permit) copy of the final book.

We want to create a book with feature pages for each person and the corresponding charity we interview. On one side, we will interview and report the story of someone deeply impacted by this issue and highlights of the charity that gives back to that issue. On the other side, Maayan's beautiful photography will display photography that captures the heart of the issue. Each feature page will highlight the charity with a link to the website for donations.

So . . . if you believe a large group of SMALL people can create BIG change, please consider our campaign. Let's make it big. Let's be loud. Let's BE LOVE and GIVE LIFE.
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Once the campaign reaches $250 per month, we will publish the first version of the website with the first three features. We will hire a web editor to help set up the website and widen our audience.
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