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About Real Motion Workout

Be the bear – Get fit for life

Have you ever heard of "Natural Movement" or "MovNat"?  Well, this is where you can learn to do it. Natural movement is a great addition to your current fitness regime, or a great place to start.

Hi, my name is Andrew Yskes. As a personal and group fitness trainer and lifestyle coach, I'm interested in helping people get healthy and fit, naturally. Over the past few years I've developed and created a natural movement fitness training program that will help you do that, so you can be fit for life.

You're in luck. I have completed the video training program, so you can learn, do, and get stronger and more mobile now. There are 63 videos in all which include foundational skills and various natural movements that increase in challenge and strength.

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A big THANK YOU to those who supported me during the development stage.

About Bear Essentials

The Bear Essentials Natural Movement Fitness is a natural movement fitness program that teaches the skills you need to get fit and stay fit for life. Bear Essentials is a skills training program to give you the foundations of mobility and strength.

With natural movement, you use only your body – no equipment is needed other than a fitness mat. It is based on the movement patterns we naturally did as children, like crawling and getting up and down, and also uses animal or primal movement patterns, like the bear crawl.

“Bear Essentials” is named after the animal, after the movement pattern, and also because it focuses on the bare essentials, or the foundations of fitness and movement.

Natural movement is great for fitness. It helps get you get stronger and you will develop lean muscle. It also takes a lot less time to do and you can do it anywhere, anytime. You can do it as a regular workout, or do a few exercises here and there throughout the day. It's about working out smarter not harder.

I know there are many fitness programs and workouts out there, some are good…but most assume you know what you are doing. Getting on a sweat with cardio or intensity is great, but not all the time, and not as the first place to start.

You should first learn the foundation skills you need to exercise without hurting yourself. This will help you get and stay strong for the rest of your life.

If you have already seen my Real Motion Workouts, you know I emphasize skill first, that is, doing an exercise correctly so you gain the full benefit of the exercise and avoid injury. This is still my focus with Bear Essentials.

Bear Essentials will give you the foundation skills and strength you need to be fit for life. Where you go from there is up to you.

Watch the general introduction to the Real Motion Bear Essentials program.

The Bear Essentials program

The Bear Essential Natural Movement Fitness Program consists of over 60 short videos focusing on one skill or specific movement pattern at a time.

There are:
  • 26 foundation skill videos
  • 36 movement pattern videos
  • intro videos
Each video ranges from 3 to 5 minutes, with a few longer ones as some require a bit more instruction.

The goal for you is to learn the skills, one at a time, and grow in strength and ability so that when you get to the more challenging moves, you will have the ability and confidence to do them.

You will then have the foundation and strength to do any exercise program you want and the confidence to live a life with fewer limits = FIT FOR LIFE.

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Helping people be strong and healthy is a passion of mine, and I ask you to join me. Your patronage will help me offset my cost of producing these videos.

Sponsor me and this project and start following the videos and practicing the skills. You will become the bear.

You can support me in a few ways:
  • Bear Support – Contribute $2 or more per month because you think what I am doing is great and you want to support my efforts, but you don’t want to follow the program.
  • Become the Bear – For $3 per month you get access to all the Bear Essentials videos here.
  • The Bear Club – When you join the Club for $10 per month, you'll get a full subscription to my Real Motion channel with the Bear Essential videos and all the Real Motion Dumbbell and Real Motion Total Fit workout videos and training. Because of your additional support, you can email me with questions and suggestions. After 6 months, you'll get a Bear Essentials t-shirt as a thank you.
Thanks for your patronage. Together, we can be fit for life.


Go to to find out more about me and my first fitness project, the Real Motion Dumbbell and Total Fit workouts – which you can buy the DVDs or subscribe online.

Indie electronica music

The music I use in my videos was created by Edmonton-based musician Erica Van Drunen. You can check out Erica’s music, Aqua Dreams, on the Real Motion Workout website.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 62 exclusive posts

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