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About Bearded Gaming Collection

We are Bearded Gaming Collection, between the 3 of us, Michael, Anthony and Daniel we bring to you Pokemon Breaks from all sorts of collections... especially the newest set Unified Minds. Here is a little explanation as to what a break is:

READ CAREFULLY BEFORE CONTINUING!The following products you are about to purchase do not include sealed packs.

WHAT IS A BREAK?Once your purchase is made, you will be placed in a randomizer with 10 other individuals, unless yourself or another individual has purchased multiple spots. Once randomized, your name will correspond to an element. Once the break starts, any card rarity "Reverse Holo" or higher (Holos and Hits) goes to the person who holds that element.

WHERE DOES THE BULK GO?All bulk will be evenly divided and distributed to everyone participating for that given break. No code cards will be sent.

36 Unified Minds

If this excites you and you want to purchase into our breaks, this is our page: 

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