Bea is creating YouTube videos and artwork

Patreon Only Feed

$1 /mo
For as little as $1 you can see exclusive content such as work in progress pictures of my artwork and other behind the scenes photos and exclusive updates!

Thankyou Tweet (+ All Previous Rewards)

$10 /mo
I will post a personal thankyou tweet on the first month of your pledge. :)

Discord Server Invite (+ All Previous Rewards)

$25 /mo
I will send you an invite to my Discord server where we can discuss video ideas and other things.

Chibi Pokemon Sketch (+ All Previous Rewards)

$50 /mo
Choose any Pokemon (including megas, alternate forms, etc) and I will do a clean chibi pencil sketch of it with shading.

1 Hour Skype/Discord Call (+ All Previous Rewards)

$75 /mo
I will add you on Skype/my personal Discord and we will talk for at least an hour about Pokemon, video ideas or whatever else you want! :) We can even have Pokemon battles or link up to play other ...

Artwork Commission (+ All Previous Rewards)

$100 /mo
I will create a full piece of artwork for you of a character of your choice. (It can be a Pokemon but it does not have to be. It can also be a character of your own – provided you send me reference...