$1 /mo
YOUR NAME IN VIDEOS! You can also join the Patreon DISCORD and FACEBOOK Chat!


  • Your name listed in the credits of EVERY VIDEO!
  • A...


$2.50 /mo
See Videos First.

  • See videos days before anyone else!
  • Plus everything from previous tiers.


$5 /mo
Monthly Skype Calls!

  • Once a month I will hold hour long Skype Calls. (Although our calls have been known to go for several hours in the past)
  • Plus everything from previous tiers


$10 /mo
I Send A Post Card From Whenever I Am!
  • A post card filled out by Wood and mailed right to your door!
  • Plus everything from previous brackets


$20 /mo
Vote In Monthly Polls for what video I should do next!  Directly effect the video output on the channel!

(EXAMPLE)-Top Playstation 4 Games?-Worst Nintendo Switch Gam...



$30 /mo
 Watch Me Edit Videos! See Them First. 
  • I will call you over skype and we can talk editing, you can watch me edit and I will get your input on videos. 
  • Plus everything from previous tiers.


$50 /mo
Decide What Videos I Make!
  • You can choose 1 video for me to make a month.
  • You can either pick a video topic for me, or I can list options for you to choose from.

(VIP) Crazy.... Em Ups.

$100 /mo
Personal VIP calls once a month. We can play games, chat and hangout with the other VIPs.

Plus everything from other tiers & my ever loving thankfulness <3