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The brewery taproom is crowded tonight. Stools line long community tables. Seats and pint glasses are full. Their contents are as varied as the crowd: pale ale, porter, or Belgian wheat; root beer, Cabernet, or Diet Coke. The place is humming with conversation.

At one end of the room, an older couple laughs with friends. At the other, a bearded man watches football on the big screen. Young parents entertain a baby with brewery coasters. Bartenders chat with regulars. Suddenly, the strum of a guitar draws all attention to the front of the taproom, and we sing.

From “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing,” to “How Great Thou Art.” On to a barn-stomping medley of “I’ll Fly Away,” “I Saw the Light,” and “When the Saints Go Marching In.” The set list is also dotted with cover songs following a monthly theme: Love Songs, Songs of the 60’s,Back to School, or Christmas Carols.
This is Beer and Hymns. This motley mix of locals gathers on a weekend evening once a month, shaking hands and passing song sheets. Some know these hymns by heart; others have never sung them before. Some are regular churchgoers; others have sworn off organized religion. But in this place, something special happens. As voices and glasses are raised, divisions dissolve and hearts are softened. Hands reach across tables, and powerful connections are made. This is a truly communal experience, bringing people together and reminding us that we’re not that different after all.

We end every Beer and Hymns gathering with the same song, called “All of the Hard Days are Gone.” People throw arms around shoulders, sway, and sing with gusto:

All of the hard days are gone
It’s all beer and whiskey and songs from now on
We’ll laugh at the darkness and dance until dawn
All of the hard days are gone.

It is here that we laugh at the darkness: the darkness that claims our differences are too great; the darkness that keeps us sheltered and comfortable; the darkness that denies a brewery can be holy ground.

Pull up a stool. Let’s laugh at the darkness together.

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