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For only a dollar you can get access to my patreon's only feed, with news about up coming projects and access to some things earlier than the average joe.  It's the least I can do. (Literally. Sorry)
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Anyone who can manage fifteen bucks a month to help me out is granted one wish--albeit a small one because I'm not a genie and can only do so much. Anything you want me to write, it's yours.  A prompt you like. A first line you want me to work off. A character you want me to do more with. Whatever. It's yours.  Just ask.
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For thirty a month, in addition to your little wish from before, I'll send you a personal thank you note.  I might even write it all out in pretty colors if you'd be interested in something like that.




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Why Hello!
I write because I love it. Unfortunately, love doesn't pay the bills.  Besides the basics of food, shelter, etc, I also have student loans that I'm trying to pay off. In order to fund all of that I have to work a lot, which means I have less and less time to dedicate to writing and editing and making decent stories.

Any and all money that you can give me here will go towards paying off those bills and reducing my stress.  With more time, I can dedicate myself to writing and editing more every day, and give you all better quality work on a more regular basis. And what's not to like about better quality?

However, if I don't hold up my end of the bargain, I don't deserve your money.  If I miss posts, then you won't get charged.  That's only fair, right? You give me what you can, and I'll make sure to give you the work I've promised. That means that you get at least one story a day, all posted up on So, donate what you think is worth those little rambles.
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With this amount, I can start putting together a brand for us all to enjoy. I can take the wordpress out of my account names. I can pull everything together on one webpage. I can make myself some logos and maybe even get some pretty pictures to go with my reoccurring stories. All in all, I will make everything a much pretty place to look at.
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