LuluVoices is creating SFW & NSFW Audios!


$1 /mo
Thank you for helping!  It is really appreciated and you are awesome!

-Early access to audios!

Rub the Bele!

$5 /mo
Whoa!  Thank you so much!  

-Vote on script ideas!

Previous rewards!

Feed the Bele!

$10 /mo
You are giving me this much? Holy cow!  You are truly generous!

-Get a special role in the Discord server! (if applicable)
-All previous benefits!

Help the Bele!

$20 /mo
Holy moly friend!  This is awful kind of you!

-Suggest scripts! (remember though, they can get turned down)

-Hear the audios before they're released!

PLUS all the previous rewards!

Meet the Bele!

$40 /mo

-Private call with me! 

-Fancy title on Discord!

-All previous benefits!

Hire the Bele!

$60 /mo
Thank you so so much!!!!  YOU ARE AWESOME

-A fully custom audio (10+ minutes) just for you!  NSFW, SFW, and everything in between!

AND all previous rewards!