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The bounty of BellaWorld is accessible to EVERYONE, and $1 OR MORE per month gives you a chance to receive any and all Bella-Perks listed in all membership levels.

Since each dollar you invest is returned to you multiplied from The Universe, via a multitude of sources, choose whatever amount you'd like to see boomerang back to you, PLUS dividends. You can enter ANY amount in the space provided. $1, $5, $9, $40, $150, 1K!? Let's have fun experimenting with just how MUCH abundance we can create!

Welcome To My (Bella)World,

Note: To infuse your investment with even greater Good JuJu, say this affirmation aloud as you're making it:

Everything I give returns to me multiplied with the same energy with which I give it.
Easy-Carefree-Joyful Giving =
Easy-Carefree-Joyful RECEIVING

***Please do provide your mailing address. I've got a WELCOME gift for you!


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Ahhh, the awesome acorn! SUCH a divine metaphor for the unlimited potential in each of us, as the following quotes demonstrate:

“Our ordinary mind always tries to persuade us that we are nothing but acorns and that our greatest happiness will be to become bigger, fatter, shinier acorns; but that is of interest only to pigs. Our faith gives us knowledge of something better -- that we can become oak trees.”  ~ E. F.  Schumacher

“The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.” 
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Divine artist Katie Way crafts these little works of Acorn-Art by hand! They're a colorful, creative, and inspiring addition to any altar or reading nook, and they remind me that my size -- and where I'm at on my journey -- matters not. Because really BIG things come in very small packages! 

Periodically, Artsy-Acorns will be gifted from a pool of Tribe members who've made regular/frequent comments on our BellaWorld page. Being engaged and involved has LOTS of rewards! YES! 

  • Remember, ANY amount investment, on ANY membership level, makes you an official Bella, opening the pathway for you to receive ALL the perks! Choose the dollar amount that works for you. Zippity-DO!


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Freedom Fund Grants are awarded on a case-by-case basis and intended to empower you to take concrete steps to create your ideal world by following your dreams. Need money to take a sabbatical? Or an adventure to Bali?  I've already funded both these endeavors to support those on their journey to BellaWorld. Opportunities to receive future grants will be posted when available, with a fun and innovative application process. YES! 

  • Not to sound like a broken record (some of you don't even know what that is!), but ANY dollar amount invested makes you an official Bella, which means you've access to your chance to receive ALL the perks. Choose what works for you. Yahoo!

About Ani Bell

Where Ani-Thing Is Possible!

I live in a world of my own creation, and so do you, which means -- the world is as WE make it. 

Since WE are creating the world the way it is, do you ever find yourself thinking:


YUP.  Me, too.

And you're right.

Together, we can move mountains.

And I don't mean that figuratively; I mean, literally, if we want, we can move mountains. Not only that, we can heal this planet, we can heal ourselves, we can heal the world.  We can do whatever we set our minds and hearts and spirits to because ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

Together, we can re-create the world falling apart around us into a beautiful, carefree, loving, outrageously abundant BellaWorld, full to overflowing with fun and ease and freedom, and not just for some of us, but for ALL OF US.

I know it sounds farfetched, maybe even delusional, but the greatest innovations always seem so.  Think about it.  Two hundred years ago, iPhones and computers and the internet would've been considered 'magical thinking' or even insanity.  Yet, to me, the world we are living in now is the real insanity. 

I'm ready to jump off the train to Crazy-Town, and I think you probably are, too. Let's band together in a loving, supportive, connected, inspired Tribe of Shiny-Happy People and create an entirely new world, together -- BELLAWORLD

[If you're pulled here, but don't feel all that shiny-happy at the moment, that's OK. Trust your gut. The path to BellaWorld is through individual healing first; later on our journey, we're empowered to radiate our internal healing outward, to the world.  So, if right now you're not wholly in touch with all the GOOD JU-JU inside you, you're right where you're meant to be -- ready for individual healing first. BRAVO!]

Feel free to check out my posts, peruse the perks of being a Bella (detailed in memberships above), and when you feel inclined, make an investment in ANY amount.  Whatever $$ you choose to invest in BellaWorld makes you a Valued Member Of The Tribe, thereby giving you an opportunity to access all Bella-Perks.  I usually post a new Bella-Freebie once every other week, with instructions on how to receive. 

Please, be sure to provide your mailing address. I have a welcome gift for you!

Welcome To My (Bella)World,


P.S. In addition to Bella-Perks, I happily offer my writing, the occasional video, and someday soon -- podcasts. When the divine right # of Bellas show up, I'll organize and lead novel group meet-ups that'll knock your socks off!

QWhat will I do with the money Bellas invest each month?

A:  I'll gratefully receive what I need to live an abundant, fun, easy, free life -- and re-invest the surplus into our delightful Tribe. I've already invested over $30K by gifting Haven Retreats, Freedom Fund Grants, Good JuJu Coaching, Ani-Time Readings, Art-Rocks, and a plethora of other inspired gifts to deserving folks all over the country. I can do that because I have a 'trust fund', sourced from my absolute trust in The Universe that whatever I offer up to the world with a light and carefree heart returns to me in light and carefree ways -- multiplied!
For a bio about moi`, keep scrolling.
If you've heard enough, fair enough!
Go check out my latest post!

I've been called many things in my life,
most of which don't bear repeating (har har),
but some that make me smile are:
Free Spirit
Magical Thinker
Thought Leader
Good JuJu Guru
Blue Streak Talker
Risk Taker
Rain Maker
Rule Breaker
Ray Of Sunshine
Kickass Coach
Fairly Good Dancer (I aspire to be GREAT!)
Akashic Record Reader
Social Justice Warrior
Bella Spirit!
Tree Hugger
Good Friend :)

I revel in rebellion and innovation, writing, naps, solitude, putting my bare feet in the grass, dancing-dancing-dancing (tango was my latest love, prior to COVID), doing Classical Stretch (check it out on Google! It's VERY healing!), the amazing 'race' of life (slow 'n steady's my MO these days), daytrippin', thrift shoppin', reading fabulous books, taking walks, playing board games, the occasional exotic travel adventure — and watching people, birds, films, sunsets, flowers, all things vibrant and colorful, and even reality TV (the cheesier, the better -- The Bachelor, Survivor, Dancing With The Stars, The Amazing Race). I'm passionate about
Bellas, FREEDOM, COLOR, writing, simple, sustainable living, natural building, tribal living, organic gardening, Mother Nature, social justice, personal authenticity, and the LOVES in my Inner Circle.

I live in a remote and lovely Haven, in Washington State, with my BFF (best feline friend), Preacher Man Luke, and a menagerie of butterflies and honeybees and frogs and birds and squirrels and chipmunks and raccoons and coyotes and deer, plus bears and bobcats and mountain lions -- Oh my!

NOTE: I'm available to 1 client per week for Ani-Time.  Ani-Time is your chance to bask in the 'BellaWorld vibe,' ask questions and receive answers from The Universe (aka Universal Intelligence aka Akashic Records) about the specifics of your beautiful life -- and if you like, I'll sprinkle in some Good JuJu Coaching and other bits of magic to insure you walk away from your Ani-Time feeling uplifted and inspired. YES! 

30 minutes, $150
1 hour, $300
90 minutes, $450

I am open to barters.

Connect with me [email protected] if you'd like to secure your spot in my schedule.

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Time for a celebration!
Once The Tribe reaches 5000, we'll hold our first Bella-Bash! A chance for Bellas to meet up, in person, face-to-beautiful-face -- in an equally beautiful place! Details TBA.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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