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Hi there!
I am Jen, I make handcrafted jewelry and essentials for my little boutique named Bella Leaf Boutique. I am passionate about jewelry, healthy living, rocks & crystals and I love creating custom jewelry full of intention, love and gratitude. I love T-Rex, Wonder Woman and stretching the boundaries when creating new pieces. I love astrology, numerology, yoga, meditation, essential oils, the moon and just about everything metaphysical. I am a Pisces, so I am a dreamer, but that helps when creating. My life is very spiritual in nature and in practice and I bring love, gratitude and happiness into every item that I create. I love bringing the fun and sunshine to all that I do.

Why support me?
Did you check out those pledge tiers because they are rockin'! There is some really cool stuff there and this is a journey of life and fun. Seriously though, it is my passion to be a small healer in the world through the use of my jewelry, essential oils, rocks, laughter and gratitude. Making something with pure love and intention and then giving it to another helps raise the vibrations not only a personal level but it is shared with family, friends and co-workers. When you are feeling great those around you feel great too, thus raising the energy of the space you are in. Your pledge goes to aiding in the goal to bring love, joy, peace and gratitude to everyone I come in contact with. 

Where does the money go?
New projects, even prettier and shinier rocks, tools and equipment. Bigger and better stuff to pledge on too. I believe in giving back so you reap the rewards too!

To everyone who supports me
First, it means the world to me that you are here, and I can not express how much you are appreciated. Becoming a patron of any tier, you are joining me in this journey to make the world amazing one rock at a time.  Again, your generosity is deeply appreciated and I hope you enjoy the gifts of our exchange.

With love & gratitude, 
~ Jen xoxo
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Behind the Scenes
per month

Check out all the behind the scene action, somethings you can expect:

- Unboxing pics of the new semi-precious stones and crystals as they come in 

- Project ideas, which are not shared anywhere else

- Maybe some doggo photos :) (or cat pics if you are into that sort of thing)

Basic Rock
per month

Fun name and even better rewards! You get:

- Everything from the tier above


- A monthly $10 off coupon code to use at my website where there is tons of cool stuff there 

Slightly Prettier Rock
per month

Going places now! You get:

- Everything from the tiers above


- An actual rock that is really pretty. Each rock will be intuitively chosen just for YOU!

* STOCK PHOTOS. Shape and Size stones vary. These stones are perfect for crystal gridwork, metaphysical work, gardening, or decorating.  

Lava Rock
per month

Who doesn't lava pretty smelling essential oil? You get:

- Everything from the tiers above


- 2ml essential oil roller, scents will change monthly so you will always be smelling fresh as a daisy

You Rock!
per month

Woohoo who rocks? You Rock! That is why you get:

- Everything from the tiers above


- *Exclusive* Monthly bracelet, designed especially for patrons. This will not be sold anywhere else. Scouts honor!

Doesn't that totally rock?

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Meet the designer/artist video. This will be a video of me and how I got started on this journey. 
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