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About Bellular News

About Us

Hi! I'm Michael, welcome to our page! We make content!

We're currently a full-time team of 8, and we strive to create some of the best content there is, all while providing value to people who give us the time of day (& their patronage!)
We create Youtube videos, host weekly news shows live, and publish podcasts, all on World of Warcraft and game industry news.

Our largest Youtube channel is BellularGaming, a WoW-focused channel that I've been running since 2013. Over the years we've published everything - gameplay guides, news, lore videos, design discussions, retrospective documentaries, and even the odd developer interview. As of writing, there are over 2,400 videos on the channel. We won't stop there - we're on a mission to deliver the best WoW lore & history content there is We might even branch out a little. A lot of talk about FFXIV and ESO recently...

We also run Bellular News, a channel that delivers game industry news with a critical eye and analytical mindset - our goal is to deliver meaningful news and analysis from our pundit's perspective as both avid consumers and indie developers.

Then there's Bellular Clips, which hosts clips from our weekly livestreams about WoW and gaming news.

Who know where we'll go from here? At our core, we aim to be both analysts and storytellers, delivering our viewers and patrons content that's both entertaining and engaging. We all ought to look at things more critically, but without losing the heart that great content has.

At the same time, we have a games studio, called Coffee Box Games. That's a ever-growing team of people we work with on indie game development - right now, the one public project is The Pale Beyond, a narrative-driven adventure game. A lot more on that soon!

Why Be A Patron?

Access to some damn good content & epic Merch! Right now, we offer early access, exclusive podcasts and our loot, and we're aiming to expand that in future. Extra podcasts, exclusive posts, and as we grow further and release games from our studio - who knows what else?
We're on a journey to be a group of people creating all kinds of outstanding content, and we'd love for you to join us on our way. The more direct support we have from you, the more time and care we can put into our work, free from the chains of modern algorithms.
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As we embark on more ambitious projects, we'll need a second video editor. This goal will allow us to create more videos while still spending more time on each of them!
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