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Welcome to the fold, Kinsman, and enjoy the following rewards:

  • A private monthly Q&A / devstream with me, you, and your fellow Patrons
  • Regular polls deciding new c...


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Fight at my side, Shield-Sibling, and receive the following rewards:


  • Access to the Ultimate Skyrim Beta Program, complete with official instructions, configuratio...

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By Azura, by Azura, by Azura! Golly, you're the best! 

Adoring Fans receive:

  • The venerated "Adoring Fan" Discord role & permissions
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  • All previous rewards


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You are truly mad, my friend. May we dine in the Isles together, and be careful with the Greenmote. Too much can be a dangerous thing, indeed. Madgods receive:

  • The coveted "Mad...