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After that it goes on Amazon for sale. But you guys get to read it here, first.
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My personal thank you, my humble gratitude and all previous rewards, including the short stories available only to you. First look at artwork, short stories, all of it. Plus author's notes, bloopers (yes, characters have them, just you wait and see) original, 1st draft, unedited chapters with content that doesn't always make it in the final work.




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Good writing never goes out of style, particularly fiction, because the myths and legends of the past tell the stories who we want to be in our present.

And they remind us that the future is ours to shape.

It has always been a noble profession, a valuable one, to be an artist. 
And it has always been a noble and rewarding deed to support the arts.

So here's where I'm at, what I need, and how you can help.

I'm a writer and historian, currently without agent but I am self published. 
I've written numerous short stories, two novels (a military science fiction anthology, and a steampunk adventure.) 
And I'm currently working on my third novel, a Civil War romance. (I expect to have it completed by November) 

I've also compiled a list further below of other current projects I've got going on. 

-- It's a tremendous workload all its own, to say nothing of actually trying to support a family. 

I have a lovely fiancee, to whom all my success is owed and has supported my efforts nobly, and tirelessly. 
Together we have five rescue dogs, and one rescue cat. Being raised by five dogs, she believes herself to be one. 

But naturally still above them in the pecking order. 

Now aside from repairing cat damaged blinds,

I work full time to pay the bills. I work at a call center actually in East Tennessee. And if you're having trouble with your cellphone you might actually get to talk to me! I'm terribly helpful too! You see, when you call I say "HOLD PLEASE" Then I hit a tiny button called "TRANSFER" and you're instantly taken to the land of I.T> tiny Asian gnomes, who fix your phone. 

But my labor of love, is my writing, it's a passion, and with just a little help it can become my full time career. 

It's a thing that's bigger than me, and I've always believed in being a part of something like that. 
And it's just one of the reasons I chose to serve in the military. 

That's right, I'm a veteran. U.S. Navy. 

And now I'm a writer, and I'm asking for your patronage, because you can make a difference. 

 Did you know for instance that if it weren't for you, the patron of the arts, we wouldn't have any of the Classical or Renaissance Masterpiece's? Michael Angelo's David, the Sistine Chapel, even the majestic Roman Coliseum were commissioned works of art. Someone paid an artist to create them, and without that payment of support, they might never have come into being.

What's more, being a patron of the arts, comes also, with great reward. 

Here's a brief list of just some of the rewards awaiting you, when you pledge.
(A more detailed description can be found over that way, ----------> Sidebar on the right.)

Exclusive first access to chapters, stories and even books before they hit the stands!
Behind the scenes writers and readers only commentary, plot ideas, character arcs, and more!

Get inside the stories! I can memorialize your support by naming a city, fort, battle, and more after you!



That's because writers are cool like that. 

So take a look at some of my current projects and decide what which pledge and rewards are right for you?

More Than Honor
An American Civil War story

Claire Coleman, an Irish Indentured servant becomes the prize in a poker game. And two powerful men begin a war of love, honor, and revenge.

Dames and Dead Darlings
Love and lust in a gangsters paradise of 1931

Three things a gangster will kill for. Greed, a girl, and revenge. For all three he'll start a war. 

Task Force Xenophon, Flight of Eagles 1
A Military science fiction, post apocalyptic thriller dedicated to the American veteran.

"The end of the 3rd Great War was only the beginning of a thousand smaller ones. The big one defined who we were as Americans. The little ones defined who we were going to be." - Captain J.C. Reddington, USN

Rise of the Eagle :
A retelling of the story of Julius Caesar in a modern contemporary setting. 

They say America is the New Rome. But what is Rome without her Caesar? Veni, Vidi, Vici. Hail Caesar. 

Rise of the Malandanti, War of the 4th Darkness Book 1 :
An epic fantasy of myth, magic, and mystical creatures in 15th Century Europe 

One sisterhood of knights, the Benandanti.
One night of betrayal.
And so arose the Malandanti.
And so arose a civil war. 

Emerged From Darkness, American Freemasons Book 1 
Steampunk lite in the revolutionary war

1775 : Freemasons led by Capt. John Paul Jones launch a daring mission to the fabled lost mines of Solomon.
But the Illuminati have a plan to stop them. 

(ALREADY WRITTEN AND COMPLETED! Find it at Amazon books where you can leave a reviewand Createspace. If you want an autographed copy you can get one here.)

The sequel "Into The Light" is forthcoming. 

So as you can see friends, I have a great many projects I'm working on, and new ones will frequently be added. But it takes a lot of time, effort, work and inspiration to get these things off the ground, and where they belong, on a bookshelf. And I need your help to make that happen. 

I value your support and feedback. So help me continue to create. And together we can build something lasting. 

Thanks, Author Ben Coleman 

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I'd like to create cinematic trailers for the books that pack some punch. There are some outstanding artists who do this sort of thing for a living themselves, and in that sense, not only would I be improving my own work as an artist, but I'd also be a patron of the arts myself. I'd be passing the support on. And hitting this goal would allow me to do exactly that. And that works for you as the reader and patron, because for your support you get an entertaining and powerful glimpse into the worlds you're helping me create. And if I meet this goal. I'll reach for greater goals, like artwork! Definitely a needful thing!

And one more thing! If there are particular rewards you'd like to see by all means let me know and I'll include them and make it happen! Help me help you, by letting me know! Maybe you'd like conversations by Skype? Critique on any work you may be doing yourself? The skies the limit so lets talk about it! 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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