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About Benjamin Mailloux

UPDATE #2: 9/25/2012

We've passed the 50% mark for this project! Thank you all so much for the help so far, let's make sure that this momentum stays with us until the end!
Currently we are in a very exciting stage of the film making process. We have been discovering and deciding between some amazing locations, and we are also scouting some talent before holding open casting calls for Annex. It's going great - there are some actors and actresses that we are very excited about!
Stay tuned for another update soon, and thank you again!

UPDATE #1: 9/12/2012

We have reached 17% of our goal! You have all been great, and we really appreciate the help! If you have donated already, please share this page with whoever you can, we're really trying to get the word out!
We have created a demo reel of our groups past work, to give you all an idea of our cinematography and editing styles! Expect bigger and better things to come with this project, and we could not be more excited to get started! Thank you all again!

What is Annex?

Joe and his brother Michael have always been close, but when Michael abruptly passes away, Joe’s world is turned upside down. While sorting out his late brother’s affairs, Joe uncovers an unknown device that Michael had been hiding. As Joe delves into the nature of the device, he learns that he is not the only one searching for answers, as death and chaos slowly consume his once normal life. What is the device – and more importantly, will Joe be alive to find out?

Who is behind Annex?

Annex is a science-fiction/thriller film created by Keene State College students Devin Cutter, Andrew DiCristina, Bryan Fusco, Jian Giglia, Benjamin Mailloux, and Julia Skelcy. These six filmmakers are combining their different skill sets together to make a powerhouse of a production crew.

What's the funding for?

Film expenses can really start to add up fast. Since our budget is smaller than most independent films, any and all money we can raise is vital for the film’s success. We are resourceful artists who are used to working with a shoestring budget, so we will be sure to make the money that you donate go as far as possible. Equipment, transportation, props and costumes, location permits, and various other production expenses are all areas that we plan to use the funds for.
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