Benjamin L. Vidmar

is creating cooking videos, music, and growing food near the north pole!

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      Who am I?

Benjamin L. Vidmar is the founder and creative force behind Polar Permaculture Solutions, AS. He was born in Cleveland, OH and graduated from the Le Cordon Bleu cooking school in Pittsburgh, PA. Growing up in foodie family in a foodie city has set the standard for all of Benjamin's culinary experiences which have led him on a journey around the world chasing flavors, experiences, and magic moments. Benjamin is presently growing food near the north pole in the "northern most" town in the world: Longyearbyen, Svalbard. If he can grow fresh food here, then it can be done anywhere. He is also doing cooking videos, and making music that focuses on care for the people, care for the Earth, and better sharing of our limited resources.

Where is Longyearbyen?

At 78.2232° N, 15.6267° E, Longyearbyen is the "northern most" town in the world.
The Svalbard treaty was signed in Paris, on 9 February, 1920 and gave Norway sovereignty, but also allowed any country that signed to also have rights on the island. He has been living here since 2007, and also working to grow local food here. It is very important for Benjamin to cook in a simple but elegant way for people to enjoy. It is also necessary to create a zero waste restaurant here in town that will lead the way to more sustainable tourism for the  island, and also to inspire others around the world with a new regenerative story.

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a community of creators who are looking to share their experience with and connect to people in a better way. This platform allows Benjamin to give you a behind the scenes look into his world, and share his journey with you. Feel free to have a look around and let us know if you have any questions about how things work here.

1.  Why do you do this?
Everyone is focused on the problems of the world, and many of us feel paralyzed and helpless. I do this because I want to create a new story for humanity based on finding solutions to the problems we face.
2.  Do I have to pay every month?
No, you are welcome to cancel anytime you want.
3.  Do you get the money directly?
Yes, after a small deduction for expenses from the platform, we get what's left.
4.  What do you do with this money?
We will use any more raised to make more educational videos, and grow more food here near the north pole. If we can do it here, then it can be done everywhere.
5.  What do we get for doing this?
This is an amazing journey, and we will give you behind the scenes look into how everything unfolds. Many people are speaking about the problems of the world, but how many are looking for solutions? We are looking for solutions and we will share them with you!
6.  What if I want to cancel?
You may cancel at anytime, and there is not obligations to stay. However; we certainly hope you will decide to stay and experience this unique journey with us as we push to grow local food here near the north pole, and prepare it in simple, but elegant ways.
7.  Why are you begging for money?
I am not begging for anything :) This journey is going forwards regardless if you join or not, but it would go much easier if you decided to be a Patron, and see how it unfolds.
8.  How many people live in Longyearbyen?
There are over 3000 polar bears, 2300 people, over 1000 dogs, and about 240 students in the school.
9.  Is Svalbard part of Norway?
Yes it is according to the the Svalbard Treaty that was signed in Paris in 1920.
10. Do you live in an igloo?
No not at all, but it would definitely be a much cheaper option compared to the housing shortage situation we are presently facing.

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This will allow us to pay for our Lab, and continue our experiments into creating a circular economy here in Longyearbyen. With the pressure off of paying the rent, then we can get much more creative, and share our work with our Patrons.
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