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is creating Webcomics and Cartoons about being a parent
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About Bentelicious Art


I am Bente, 29 years old and from Berlin. I’m a freelance artist, freelance mother and Live Graphic Novelist, what ever that might be.
I draw comics about the everyday life as a parent and like to publicly humiliate my daughter and myself by reliving the most embarrassing and funny moments with her and all the ups and downs that come with it. Mostly downs. Just kidding. It’s great. But it’s also hard. It’s hard guys. But great, it’s great.
My comics are mostly in English, sometimes in German. 
I am currently skillfully struggling to master the art of being a freelancer and the mother of a young child at the same time. 
Also my name is the middle of the German word for adventure, so I think that’s kinda worth mentioning, too.

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