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We love writing and recording material to help & inspire others to their own creative best for God’s kingdom, and to serve others.

We're a family who simply love making and producing videos, stories and others resources fpr others to download, stream share - or simply be inspired by.

We don't charge for any of our online broadcasts or resources. But there are costs to what we do and we know - from plenty of years experience - that some people simply love to support financially, which is why we set this page up.

We’ve got Regular Broadcasts for Youth or Toddlers or whatever age you feel. And encouraging images with #SpeakTruth.

We have regular broadcasts including Christmas and Easter Specials and more - as below:

Andy B 2 Minute Videos


Prayer 2:62

Little Blessings Online

So why the BerryBunch?

Well Andy B got used to Berry jokes when he was growing up. So one day, as a family, we came up with the Berry we thought best represented each of us.


“A Cranberry”

(small and cute)
Creative Consultant


“A Raspberry”

(funny, cute, blows raspberries)
Graphic and Technical consultant


“A Strawberry”
(Loves them and liked by all)
Endurance Developer/Filming Director

Andy B

“A Gooseberry”

(furry when he hasn’t shaved)
Operations Manager
& Production Lead

Jo Jo

“A Bearberry”

(Cuddly and strong)
Also know as
The Elderberry
HR Consultant / Production and Creativity Lead / Special Advisor

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