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Hi! I want to welcome you to my Patreon project! I am a fiber artist who focuses specifically on traditional knitting, and I am an instructor of historic knitting techniques. My area of expertise includes knitting primarily from the 19th century, the time of the advent of the sweater as we know it today. For thirty years, I have been on the road, teaching these old techniques. During that time, I have travelled in eighteen countries, including Scandinavia, the UK, and parts of the Baltic, absorbing as much as I can of the many knitting traditions of the world.

Through my work, I hope to honor and preserve the historic practices of knitting. These precious textile artifacts, usually hidden away in museum storage, tell a story: of women's work–and of men's as well; of the hardships of life, and the deep human urge to make a useful object that is also beautiful. I have learned so much from the hundreds of museum objects I have examined, and from my readings and studies. I incorporate these techniques into my own knitting, my designs, and in my workshops, because it's important to me to discover and disseminate these old skills, passing them on  to the mainstream of modern knitting.  It is my hope that my efforts will help to grow the art of knitting into the future for the next generations.

Unfortunately, I have been unable to complete many projects due to the necessity of maintaining my intense travel schedule in order to pay my bills. I have several books and workshops to be completed that I started as far back as 1997!

You and Patreon can help me change that! This website is based on the ancient concept of patronage, where patrons give support to artists (like Leonardo da Vinci and J.S. Bach) so they are able to create more of whatever they are doing. Your generous pledge will make it possible  for me to develop and provide more knitting classes, patterns, and books which will continue the work of keeping these historic knitting traditions alive, making them accessible to the world.  

This site is structured so that you will receive something for your investment. I have put together a program just for my Patreon supporters. Over the next few years I will cover the countries whose knitting I have studied: England, Scotland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, and Canada.  I will be covering aspects from one country each month, February through December, using many methods to convey these skills, such as technique videos, PDFs, articles, patterns, charts of motifs, and more. January will be an overview, plus some technique video.

If you participate, you may choose one of the levels of monthly support on the right side of this screen. Even $1 per month will enable me to continue my studies and research. You can end your patronage at any time. By receiving money in this way, I will be able to develop online classes in my new School of Knitting Traditions, some that are too in-depth for me to offer at the big knitting shows. In creating my school, knitters can access this information on their own time, and people who can’t travel to attend workshops would finally be able to take a class! Proceeds from Patreon and the school would support my ability to generate more content.

In the future I can envision incorporating some of my patrons' ideas and feedback into my creation of new content: classes, designs, and books, all based on traditional knitting–you can be a part of that process! I’m offering group chat room sessions, one on one Skype or FaceTime meetings, and possibly knit-alongs of my patterns!  I might even teach a class here on Patreon with live video over a couple months. Ultimately, this funding could help to support further research, to increase knowledge and understanding of traditional knitting I have not yet fully explored!

Depending on your level of giving, you would have access to some or all of these things! And I would love to hear YOUR ideas for other reward levels that I may not have considered. Thank you so much for visiting my Patreon site, and for contributing what you can! 
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I'm getting a fuzzy warm feeling from your pledge!  Every dollar matters and your pledge of $1 per month helps me continue to grow my work and create more value for you. Thank you!

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Thank you so much for your $5 each month! For a little more than the price of a cup of coffee, your sponsorship will pave the way for me to develop online classes and more!

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  • You will have access to my monthly Patreon posts of The World Tour of Knitting Traditions. This series will cover a country each month that includes a variety of technique videos, motif charts, history, links to patterns, book lists, KALs and more! (See "About" for more details.)

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Mmmm, camelid fibers–you are so awesome!  I couldn't do this without you! Your $15 pledge is very much appreciated!

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  • You will receive a PDF of any new patterns I release.

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I love silk– so strong and beautiful; the trade of silk (the Silk Road) paved the way for cultural expansion and economic development, just as your pledge will impact my work! I am so grateful for your $25 pledge!

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  • You will receive a discount of 25% for any one of my classes in my School of Knitting Traditions, each year, once it is up and running.
  • We can have a group hangout online once a month for an hour.  (I may need to stagger you all into two groups.) Ask me anything– help with a project, how I got into knitting, whatever!

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Cashmere is fine, scarce and valuable–as you are! I am SO appreciative of your very generous pledge of $50 per month.

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  • You will receive a discount of 50% for any one of my classes in my School of Knitting Traditions, per year, once it is up and running.
  • You get first choice of signing up for one of my Vermont Retreats, each year, before registration opens to the general public.

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The finest fiber of all, so generous in its gift of warmth.

Just like the musk ox, you are a rare gift to the world–only a few of you.  I am overwhelmed by your generosity. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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  • I will hold three one-on-one 30-minute Skype (or Face Time) sessions with you each year.  Ask me anything– help with a project, how I got into knitting, whatever!

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At this level of $1500/month, I will be able to reduce my teaching load by one weekend per month, to stay home and work on writing, creating more workshops, and designing more patterns. YAY!!!
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