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$1 is about how much I shell out for cat treats these days. 

But you'll get treats too! 

For a $1 pledge per piece, you'll get access to my Patron-only feed where I'll post cute & inspiring BooksyCat photos, flash fiction and random travel photos and other tidbits.

Travel Buddy
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Did I ever tell you about the time I watched the sun rise at the top of holy Mt. Emei in China? When I snorkeled with whale sharks? Or about the month I basically lived on trains going around Europe?

Well, get your beverage from the digital hostel bar over there and let's settle in for some travel tales. For $3 per piece (about once a month), you'll get all previous rewards plus I'll post a travel story for you to enjoy. And, I'll be able to put aside some cash for my next adventure!

Fiction Aficionado
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Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction but fiction is often more satisfying! 

In addition to the previous rewards (including the travel tales!), for a $5 pledge per piece you'll get to immerse yourself in an original short story (most often in the crime & thriller genre). I plan to release one every month or so - and your contribution will make it easier for me to free up time to keep the ideas rolling!




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Thanks for visiting my Patreon page. Your support and encouragement mean a lot to me!

I'm Beth and this is what I do

In case we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting before, my name is Beth Green. I’m a lifelong traveler and writer currently based in the Czech Republic. I created this Patreon to share some of my passion projects with you—short crime fiction stories (mostly suspense and thriller) and travel memoir. With your support, I’ll be able to spend more time on these projects that most interest me—and create more fun stuff for you to read!

Your rewards

But enough about me! I have some cool things to I want to give you.

Take a look at my rewards (you can find them on the right if you’re reading this on a laptop or under the ‘rewards’ tab if you’re on mobile) which include flash fiction and cat memes to short stories and travel essays.

Short stories
I mostly create short stories in the suspense and thriller genres. They usually have lush settings (for example, tea fields in the Malaysian Cameron Highlands) or are slightly satirical (for example, my series of short stories about inept assassins).

Travel essays

I have a wealth of travel stories I want to polish up for you! They include anecdotes from my 4.5 years teaching English in China, the 18 months I spent backpacking through Asia (including 5 months scuba diving in Thailand), my European explorations, visits to Australia and Alaska, and—maybe—some stories about my childhood living on a sailboat. I have an enormous library of travel photos and I’ll be sharing selected images, too.

Personalized postcards

Even in the age of Instagram, it’s fun to get a postcard in the mail. At the $10 reward tier, I’ll surprise you with some fun messages and cards!

Writing coaching

Do you have a writing project you’d like feedback or encouragement on? I can help! At the higher reward tiers, we’ll book an appointment and go over some pages of your work. I owe so much to the writing teachers, coaches and mentors that I have found over the years and I enjoy giving back through coaching. I would love to make a positive contribution to your writing craft as well.

But what about the cat!?

The BooksyCat memes are another creative outlet for me—all images are of my cat, Nymeria. She’s a British shorthair and she is just super photogenic! I pull quotes from authors or books I like and pair them with pictures of her. I share more of these over on the @booksycat Instagram, but since the Internet seems to run on cat photos, I thought I’d make some special ones just for my patrons! (And if you’ve got a favorite quote you think would make a great meme, definitely let me know and I’ll start looking for an appropriate photo to go with it!)

 Thanks again for checking out my page and my rewards. Every pledge helps, and so does every time you share this page with your network. I appreciate your support!

$42 of $100 per creation

I am always in need of more books for research and to satiate my own craving for reading material. To celebrate hitting this goal, let's have a Skype call/Google hangout/virtual party so I can say thank you in person and we can chat about what books you're reading!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 22 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 22 exclusive posts

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