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About Bethany Black


Come on in and pull up a chair, welcome to my patreon! 

Now as someone who's nominally British I find this whole thing rather awkward, however, people have asked if there's any way to support my work beyond just showing up to gigs and retweeting me.  

Now normally I don't trust people, they've done some awful stuff, I don't know if you've heard about some of it?  Anyway I assume that the awful ones will stay away, because what do they have to gain?

Bugger all!

and what do you have to gain?


So this will act as a repository for stuff, I'll be attempting to add more and more stuff as I get more time to spend on it, as I have less time worrying about covering my bills and rent each month.  There will be videos, livestreams, exclusive access to writing, exclusive photos from stuff I'm working on, to some of my Doctor Who and Cucumber/Banana/Tofu photos.

You'll get videos of new bits that aren't available to the hoi polloi on Youtube, you'll get advanced access to tickets for shows.

but most of all you'll get the peace of mind of knowing that I'm able to keep fighting the good fight getting out there representing the LGBTQIA community generally and the L and T parts specifically.

If this seems like he sort of thing you'd be into, I thank you and check out our tiers!

If you don't want to give money monthly and just want a one off payment then please send whatever you see fit to

Alternatively, if you're the sort of person who goes "I'd like to get something but I don't want her spending the money on crumpets and cat toys!" I have an Amazon Wishlist here with things from a couple of quid up to silly money:
2% complete
Okay guys, this is the tipping point of covering my monthly bills and rent on top of the regular work I do, this is the point where I get to focus on creating and not sitting in a darkened depression going "maybe I should try and find something else I could do with my life"
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