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About ScrewThisNoise

Welcome to the Patreon page for BetterRepack!

I release packs for Adult games containing everything you'd need to get up2speed with the modding community, from scene collections to community card packs and massive collections of mods.

My packs are a result of a well working community, and I very much respect said community, so I make sure to include credits where possible, and spotlight creators that I feel need it.

My guiding principles are:
- My packs should be as reliable as I can make it, I make it a priority to test my packs properly prior to release, and react promptly if something still slips through. As such I appreciate any and all bugreports so that I may address it. I also try to inform promptly in the FAQ in my discord ( whenever I'm made aware of any bugs.
- My packs should be safe from malware and other similar problems. In order to do this I make sure to only use trusted sources when collecting together for my pack, and thoroughly check my packs prior to release. I'm still human, but if something were to slip through I will inform about the security breach through ALL channels of communication open to me. I take pride in being transparent about issues such as this. I'm an active player using my own packs, I would rather not have malware in daily use myself either.
- My packs should be available. I will not paywall anything, as soon as anything is available for release to anyone, it's available for everyone (depending on upload speed to different services, some services might upload up to 1 hour fasted depending on its mood at the day in question). Exceptions happen when I have a reason to release to a smaller samplesize for testing things I simply need more help with testing before a wider release. To date this has happened once, so this is very much the exception. Oh, and absolutely no ad-mazes anywhere by me. I allow others to rehost my pack, and I have limited control over that, but from me there will be no ad-walls.

Thank you for your consideration, and let's all have a fun time 🐱
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You're tight on founds, but you'd still toss a dollar my way?

I'm glad you're liking what I do that much, and really appreciate it!

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What even..!? You serious?! THANK YOU

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I may need a second to comprehend anyone being this willing to help. :cry:

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Surveying freelancers to get a card sharing server going
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