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I'm going to post everything to the public in due time, so if you just want to follow me for some free content then go for it. However, if you're feeling generous enough to become a patron please be aware that you're also committing to being my best friend and I reserve the right to message you whenever with headcanons, random lyrics, and other nonsense. 




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About Jessica Betts

You sit at your desk in front of an old laptop, trying to get the charger to do its job. The screen warns you about how low your battery is before the machine is shutting off entirely. You sigh. It's dark, darker than any night has a right to be. The moon is invisible. That means the werewolves are all sleeping in their beds, tucked away safe and sound and dreaming of the nights where they'll sniff out your scent. There's still two weeks before you have to worry about that.
Right now there are other things to concern yourself with. 
Your last coffee mug is chipped, and all the better mugs managed to disappear or break in mysterious circumstances. You take a sip and wrinkle your nose. Your hot drinks are getting cold faster than normal. Your microwave broke down last week. All the fresh produce has rotted away after only going to the store yesterday. There's probably a disgruntled Brownie taking up residence in your home.
You fiddle with the laptop charger again, and the light flicks back on. You take another disgusting sip of coffee. There's still ten hours before your paper is due and you saved the draft you were working on before your useless tech shut down. At least that's something.
Your mind is feeling fuzzy, though, and if you have to revise your conclusion one more time you might go mad. You check your email, desperate for any small distraction. And there, right at the top of your inbox, an alert for a new short story by Jessica Betts. You briefly hear a chorus of angels and consider donating a hundred dollars merely because you needed this break so very much.
You don't though, and that's okay because your monthly five bucks is a reasonable amount for how often the author updates and about all you can afford with this economy.
The story is only a few thousand words, but it's complete and gives you a joyful sense at the end. The last one had ended on a sad note. It's nice to have a little variety. You feel a weight rising off your shoulders and decide it wouldn't be so hard to leave crackers and honey out for any potential Brownies. That cost less than a cup of coffee after all, and would make your whole day better in the end.
It's the same reasoning you used to sign up for the weekly Patreon stories. 
Resolved in your course, you settle back to work writing your paper. It isn't going to write itself, after all. You take another sip of coffee and then spit it out, disgusted. It's absolutely time to get a new microwave.  
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When we reach $10 in pledges I will post a thank you video and a short story based on the prompt words: Juicy, Flute, Cockroach, Stew. As of now, I have no idea where that story will be going.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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