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Developing software for everybody, with a little something from everybody.

You know every bit counts, as the Story of the Hummingbird tells. Thanks!

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Developing software for everybody, with a little something from everybody. Steadily, more supporters means more time to spend on creating awesome technologies.

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You know delay matters, or maybe you're just eager to test the next release! More contribution means more time I can spend on this project.




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I write Free Software - it's for everyone, everywhere :)

Current projects

RenPyWeb: publish Ren'Py Visual Novel games for the browser!
Try it:

RenPyWeb is now integrated in the official Ren'Py launcher!
Binaries with latest improvements are available at
Leave feedback!

Ren'Py Translator ToolKit
: also for Ren'Py, if you provide translations this brings PO format support.

python-emscripten: Python for the web, try out the web demo

Android Rebuilds: no-EULA Android development tools (SDK/NDK) that I keep updating (and I could do with a larger hard disk!)



Since I'm making everything freely available, the counterpart for your pledge is getting the project done sooner :)

I believe software shouldn't have owners, and I like the idea of funding the initial development once so the software is then available freely to everybody (as opposed to: charging a license for each copy forever). Patreon sounds like the ideal platform to put this model in practice.

I'm self-employed, so if you appreciate my work and would like me dedicate more time on it, please pledge!


What else? Here are some of my other projects:

  • GNU FreeDink - portable version of the classic old-school adventure/rpg game (and editor)

I package Free Software for GNU/Linux distros:

I document technologies under a free documentation license:

When I'm stuck, I even reverse-engineer:

I also sent patches and contributions to, well, more projects than I can remember (SDL, SDL_gfx, Ren'Py, FusionForge, emscripten, Krita...) ^_^

(Even) more projects at:


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When working with experimental/bleeding edge technologies, one cannot make hard promises. Your continued donations allow me to devote more time improving the project and progress on the roadmap faster.
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