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About BewambayConservation

Hello! My name is Bryce Bray. Watch my videos and follow me on my journey around the world to show how conservation, the sustainable management of natural resources (water, forests, soils, coral reefs), is crucial not only for healthy communities and sustainable livelihoods but also the culture of millions of people.

My first stop is Brazil. Some of my plans in the country are to:

  1. Learn about the work of a botanist who works in agroforestry, a field that is crucial to the sustainable use of the Amazon and thriving local economies.
  2. Speak to an ecologist about invasive species management in the Atlantic Forest.
  3. Visit the indigenous Caiçara of the Green Coast to learn about small-scale fisheries management.
  4. Work with a coastal community in Bahia to save a mangrove forest that protects homes from storms and erosion, and supports ecotourism, fishing and shellfish collection.
  5. Hold a marine photography contest with school children to instill a sense of pride in their environment and local fishing livelihoods.
  6. Design a parade float and song for Carnival to call attention to the importance of conservation for the local economy.
  7. Interview an ex-hunter and trapper turned park ranger to protect the forest he loves.
This is just a short list :) Later this year, I will work as a park ranger in Colombia's National Parks. Please help me with my journey, and enjoy!

About me
I am a sustainable development professional with a master's degree in environmental policy.  One of my greatest passions is learning languages. I speak Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, French and German, and have started to learn Bahasa and Mandarin as well. I hope to combine this passion with my knowledge of conservation to help communities empower themselves by managing their natural resources.

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