Beyond the Trailer Park is creating A live YouTube show and podcast from an atheist perspective

$1 /mo
A personal acknowledgement of your contribution live on the air!  We will also make extra audio outtakes available to all Patrons!

Tim Horton's Level

$4 /mo
You're ready for that quintessential Canadian experience that goes beyond Starbucks.  You're ready to donate the price of a Timmies and a doughnut!  Receive our personal thanks on the air and know ...

Hoser Level

$8 /mo
Get me a beer eh?  You're ready head to the Beer Store (yep that's a thing!) and pick up a case of Canadian!  Not only will you be helping us support our hosting, and get a personal thanks from us ...

Canuck Level

$12 /mo
You really know how to say sorry!  We'll thank you for helping us pay our bills personally on the show, we'll plug your project or website every month and you'll get the opportunity to spend 30 min...

Hockey Night In Canada Level

$20 /mo
Your best friend is a beaver and you wallpaper your house in maple leaves!  We'll thank you personally and give you an opportunity to hang with our guests after the show AND plug anything you want ...