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If you felt really bad for using Adblock for so long then go ahead and support me for $3 per month! You also receive a great big personal THANKS for your support :-)

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  • Free Entry into Game Code Giveaways on Discord!
  • See your name in game! From time to time I will randomly pick supporters from this level to name things in the games I play on my YouTube channels.
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Now you will also be able to join our Game Servers plus much more!

Note: server access will be granted (almost) instantly, as soon as you have filled in the form with your IGN. (Form link is shown when you finish your pledge signup on Patreon). Game Server access will be available to you as long as you are a Patreon at this level :-)


  • All Rewards from Previous Levels plus: 
  • Access to all current & future Game Servers (Currently Minecraft Vanilla & Modded, more to come in the future).
  • Access to my Google Ideas Doc - provide your ideas & see what's coming up on my YouTube Channels in real-time on our shared document.
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So many rewards, but there is more! For your amazing support at this level you will also be able to dive into and benefit from my many years of YouTube, Twitch & Content Creation Experience!  
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  • Digital Rewards - TBC (details coming soon)
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About Biffa

Who is Biffa?

"Unwind with a cuppa Tea as we build, survive and create together."

I've been happily married for over 15 years, I'm a loving father of two great loving boys and because of your amazing support on Patreon content creation is my full-time job.

I also love and drink a lot of Tea. In fact I expect viewers to have a cuppa to hand during all video viewings!

I LOVE making videos to entertain YOU! Put that hand-in-hand with all the fantastic Indie games I discover that allow me to show off my creativity in so many amazing ways and you have a match made in heaven.

Why support Biffa?

About 5 years ago I was watched other peoples videos on YouTube and I thought "I can do that", so I bought a $10 headset and just did it!

I worked hard at my hobby and loved every minute of it. Along the way I met a lot of great people and my channel slowly grew. During this time I was working for myself, running my own business that had been going for around 5 years already and would carry on for about another 5...until:

Fast forward 4 years and I was diagnosed with an illness that meant I had to give up my Self-Employed business of nearly 10 years. This was a huge shock to me and to say it was life changing seems too short a word to describe the changes we had to make as a family, on top of being very ill. My YouTube hobby took a back seat for a while. Though as time went on my illness improved to a point where I could get back to doing what I enjoyed.

Even though I'd said to myself many times "I will never rely on just YouTube for my families income", I had to do something, I had to earn someway. I had a very long discussion with my wife, told her all about the great community I was building on YouTube and we both agreed that I should jump in with two feet and make it work.

It was about this time I was asked by some of you, my viewers, to start a Patreon page. I'd had a page reserved but hadn't made it live, but then I was persuaded to do so by you and what a great decision that was!

Because of my viewers amazing support on Patreon, content creation is now my full-time job. There's a long way to go to be comfortable, but your amazing support on Patreon has enabled me to work again to support my family AND to do something I love doing, providing laid back, Tea drinking, fun Let's Plays & Reviews on YouTube (and occasionally Twitch!).

It all started with a $10 headset and the will to just get stuck in and have fun.

What can I do?

This is where you come in. I am not just making videos. I am building a community of like minded people. We want to have fun together. We want to discover new and interesting games together and we want to drink Tea (this isn't a requirement but I will be checking when your last cuppa was) ;-)

By supporting me on Patreon you are helping me to continue with my aim of working to support my family: Mrs Biffa, Biffa Boy and Little Biffa.

By reaching the goals I have set it would enable me to continue to grow my channel, offer more fun servers for you guys to enjoy (we have two Minecraft servers at the moment, one Vanilla, BiffaCraft, and one modded, BiffaTech) so we can have fun together, but most of all support my family financially which is always my main aim.

Whether you are able to support me in this way or not (I know many of you want to but are unable to, that is OK), please continue to watch and listen to my insightful commentary, witty remarks and story's from my life whilst learning and enjoying my content...and drinking Tea of course! :-)
94% complete
If we managed to hit this goal I would be able to worry a LOT less about the bills and supporting my family!!!! This would be absolutely amazing! YouTube earning are regulalry up & down (more down recently...) and Patreon can really help to take away the worry each month.

This is where you come in ;-)

My wife is already blown away by the support from you all here on Patreon and how it's made it possible for me to go Full Time Content Creation. She has seen how much happier I have been making content for you guys plus the extra time I can spend with my two boys working from home is just the best thing, to say the least.

Hitting this goal would really take a lot of pressure off our month to month budget, things would still be tough of course, but then which family with 2 kids has it easy!! :-)
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