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About BigBlueHat

I've been in love with the Web since the late '90s since I found my way into Sir Tim Berners-Lee's Design Issues pages. Since then, I've been coding, writing, and speaking on the topics that make the Web great. My projects range from APIs and NoSQL topics and tools to Web extensions, apps, and sites to make life easier and (as possible) more fun.

The beauty of the abundant creations we make on the Web still come at a tangible cost to their creators.

Patronage has worked for artists of all kinds for eons. Now to see if it can work for a software artisan.

Places: GitHub, LinkedIn, Twitter
Tech: Vue.js, CouchDB, PouchDB, Semantic-UI, JSON-LD, Web Annotation, WebExtensions
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I'll start a YouTube channel to share my thoughts on Open Source, community building, decentralization, the Web, etc.
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