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Tier 1 gives access to a selected number of Audios / Videos / Activations and Impartations . The selection will change each month.  Includes Selected Videos of OUB's Big Picture Dialog group. Access to over 10 Videos selected to facilitate your Journey in Heavenly Realms.

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Tier 2 gives you access to recent Audios / Videos by Bill Brady or together with Jane Johnson or other OUB fathers.  Audios / Videos will be posted soon after they are created.  Will also include access to key earlier Audios / Videos including Activations.  Includes Impartations done by Bill as a Father.  Several  Videos of OUB's Big Picture Dialog group.   A new Big Picture Video to be added each month.                         

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Announcing an Intensive with Jane Johnson and Bill Brady.  7 Session Intensive will begin August 12th and be every 2 weeks after that. 

Monthly Donation of $20.00 US is required in order to register for this Intensive.  You do not need to attend live.  Recordings will be available. 

· Begins August 12, 2019.  Times are listed below.

Dates and Times: 

Starts Monday August 12th 

6.30 Pacific 

7.30 Mountain 

8.30 Central 

9.30 EST. 

That is 

11.30 am Australian Melbourne on Tuesday August 12th. One session every 2 weeks after that.

Intensive Session Topics: 

1) Ages and Stages: Where are you on your Journey up into full identity?  

Stumbling Block #1: Triggering.  

2) Servants, the 5-fold and the 4 Faces of God: Why is it important to get to work in the House of God?  Stumbling Block #2: Misunderstanding the nature of Works.  

3) Timelines:   You are a Forerunner going before on the Forerunner Timeline.  

Stumbling Block #3: Fear of Heresy.  

4) Stumbling Blocks:  Identifying stumbling Blocks and warning the Ecclesia about them is one of Jane's major mandates.  This will be a key Session for each of you.   We have had a lot of experience with people many people journeying up into Heavenly Realms.  We have seen common themes that hold people back from destiny.  No need for you to learn about stumbling blocks the hard way by stumbling over them.  Best to avoid them all together.        

5) Judge King Priest:  How do we function as each?

Stumbling Block #5: Not being part of a bench or seeking your scroll early.

6)  New Jerusalem as part of 12 cities including Zion 

Stumbling Block #6:  Being sure you are being led that you don’t refer your revelation to body for ratification by others.

7)  Living out of Perfection / Oneness

Stumbling Block # 7: Overcoming vs. Awakening


• To be able to see the Outline of the Journey that is before you.

• To be able to avoid some of the Stumbling Blocks that are common obstacles on the Journey.

Required Reading: 

There will be reading assignments between sessions. Nothing extensive. Several short articles before each session.

Required Donation: 

A $20 US Donation will be automatically withdrawn by Patreon on the 1st of each month of 3 months. That is $10.00 US per session with the first being free. Each session to be 1 ¼ to 1 ½ hours long.  


Pre-Registration is required

You register by joining this Intensive Tier on this Patreon Account. Registration is limited to the first 20 people.

Registration and Donation is on Patreon. The 7 Intensive Sessions will be held on Zoom. The Zoom link will be posted on Patreon to  those who are registered.

This Tier will be taken down immediately after the 3rd $20 Donation. 

This Tier includes access to Tiers 1 and 2 for the 3 months.

About Bill Brady

Come and See!  The One God and Father of All chooses to reveal His Plans to those of His sons who have chosen to become His Friends.  On this Patreon site you will find revelation of that part of the Plan of God that has been revealed to me and other OUB fathers.  

I will be posting newly written articles publicly for all to view.  I will be posting selected  Audios / Videos / Impartations and Activations to Tier 1.  The selection will change each month.  The full current collection of Audios will be found on Tier 2.  You will find Activations and Impartations here.  Some of the Audios / Videos will be with other OUB Fathers including Jane Johnson.  

The content on this site is in addition to my content found on OUB's website and Facebook pages.  In many cases the content found here will be my recent revelations and most current understanding.  In some cases it will be forerunning revelation that has yet to be ratified by the Ecclesia.  In other cases it will be a summary of revelation given to others in the OUB House and the Heavenly Realms community.  In a few cases key articles from the OUB Website are found here also.  Check back regularly for new content.

I will announce upcoming Intensives and Webinars so that you can register.  

What we are doing in One United Body is pure research, pure discovery followed by fathering. It will be finished by gathering the Ecclesia into One. 

More Articles, Audios and Impartations will be posted here regularly.

You can Follow my Patreon and be notified of new posts.  Simply go to one of my Articles and click the box that says "Follow".  You can also share my articles by clicking the box that says "Share".

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