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About Bill Thompson

Writing has always been my outlet. A few years ago I decided to start writing about one of the passions in my life, baseball. I've managed to turn that into writing for my own site, Words Above Replacement, as well as writing articles for Beyond the Box Score, the weekly newsletter Baseball.FYIOff the Bench Baseball, and a monthly article for the IBWAA newsletter. Sometimes I get paid, more often than not I don't. I just want to write about baseball, and get something back for my writing. If anyone decides they like my writing enough to donate, I am beyond grateful for the appreciation.

I recently made the decision to write a book about redefining the major leagues. This project is an effort to put together specific criteria for recognizing a league as a major league. Then to move past MLB's limited definition of which leagues have been granted major league status. MLB are not the arbiters of baseball history and this book will seek to grant major league status to the leagues that have not been given such status by MLB but deserve it all the same. Any donations to help the book come about are greatly appreciated.

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