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You want studio pics, the stuff that you've already been seeing on the Pledgemusic and pre-order campaigns, but you want it first. You want to know when the new album is out, and you want to get it first, but you don't really need to know the whole story behind it. You'd like a few advance listens of songs, but don't need to hear the whole thing. You're a fan, mainly you're just here for moral support and anything advance or extra is kind of a bonus.

Level 2: The Superfan

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You want all the behind the scenes stuff and you want to know everything about the whole creative process. You want the songs first, one at a time, as new album are created. Besides, there might be something awesome that happens and you don't want to miss it. You are curious about some of the instructional videos, but you don't need all of them. Maybe you'll even start painting next... who knows!

Level 3: The Revolution

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You like learning and most of all, you want to get inspired. You want workshops on writing and recording, more questions answered and more videos on topics of your request. You don't want to write to Dear Annie because you can write to Miss Billy every time you need some advice. You want personal anecdotes and stories from Billy's book, told firsthand. You want the album first, but you also want the outtakes, demos, B-sides and alternate versions. You've always wanted to learn how to read music, so you'd like to watch all the guitar, voice, piano and writing workshops.
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About Billy Pettinger


I'm Billy. I am a learner. I love learning and I'm passionate about all the different ways that people learn, and sharing what I've come across.

Whether it be how to play "cheater chords" on the guitar, how to amp up your creative output or how to write and register over 300 original songs and then get them on television shows, it's likely there is something that we can learn from one another. I'm definitely not the best songwriter in the world (or the best guitar player, or singer, or painter etc etc etc) but I have been lucky enough to meet some people who I really looked up to, and who shared some great information with me. I would love to share what I have learned...with you!

In my heart there are several avenues that I'd like to focus on through Patreon. The first being how to get us all to be more creative people. I'd like to let you in on my day-to-day process, and show you how I've managed to released 18 musical releases in the last 16 years years. This would be good for not only songwriters but writers of all types...even if you're in school and working hard on essays. I'd also like to show you what projects of my own I'm working on. That means clips from the studio, works in progress and advance views of new songs. As some of you may already know, at times in my life I have been known to paint, and I'll be posting progress on paintings as I paint them and giving my supporters the first chance to buy originals and prints.

If you're a casual fan and you'd like to keep up to date in ways similar to past Pledgemusic and Pre-Order Campaigns, then you are a Level One: The Fan. If you'd like to level up, that must mean that you are a Level 2: Super Fan Patron, who wants all that and more...including but not limited to: behind the scenes and making-of videos plus the whole new album as it is created, one song at a time. Last but certainly not least, we have our Seekers. Level 3: The Revolution patrons  want to know my favourite chords and how to play them, how to amp up their creative output, plus voice, guitar, piano and voice lessons...cause why not. Level Four: All that other stuff plus I also send you letters and cards. Level Five: I send you one surprise care pack every month including things from around my house, gifts picked out especially for you, pages torn out of my notebooks, cards, letters and more.

I thank you for supporting me through it all, and ending up here today, right now. Most of all I am looking forward to what we can all endeavor to create, and sharing it all in a way that I've never been able to do before!

Much love,
Miss Billy
100% complete
$100 a month will buy a scholarship for one student at my music school. How cool!!!
*Update: WE HAVE REACHED THIS!!!! I was able to inform a student of mine that they will receive free tuition for one year. It felt great. And I could not do it without you!!!
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