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Every Season On my Game would take about 3 months, EliteGrade for each season would be about 20$ at first and will be 50$ after 3-4 seasons.

i'm offering LifeTime EliteGrade, that would be about 200$/Year for Elite Grade for just 20$ Donation as soon as the game will be published.

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I'll put 10 Standard Characters as start on the game.

Everyone From the 10 Donators will pick one name of them.

But with condition that name you pick should be allowed.




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About Bil's Gaming

ok guys, first of all i'm a 3D Games developer, usually i used to help companies to upgrade their games performance such as Respawn Entertainment from US (Developer of Apex, Call Of Duty and too many other games).

After twelve years of experience, i have few ideas can change the view of nowdays games, i was thinking specificly about creating a game similar to PUBG but with new vision, and new options.

As well i have two of my colleagues works with me on that, but clearly the budget limits it all, we need better equipments such as computers for better rendering and so, also we need new members for the crew.
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i'll start posting progressions on my youtube channel, and use your opinions on graphics and so
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