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About Bioblaze Payne

Thanks for finding your way to the Patreon Page I have here, you're prolly thinking. Man. I could donate a few dollars to help out, or your thinking I wish I could, it doesnt matter. Just knowing you came here and looked at the page means alot. Let me introduce myself I`m Bioblaze Payne the Notorious and Infamous Bioblaze. I've done many many things over the Years, and well I do them just cause. Everything Listed here is a "Just Cause" reason for its creation, so if you "Just" like it, and enjoy using it, I appreciate your time reading this. Join the Community Discord:

Here I will list all Current Projects I am working on, if you enjoy my work. Join the discord, and say so. If you have a Idea on a Cool Project for Discord or Twitch or Unreal Engine 4 Throw me a Line! Would Love to hear more About it!

Current Projects
  • PokeWorld: Discord Bot that Duplicates Pokemon Games in Text Form! | Project Discord:
  • TwitchPlugin: Unreal Engine 4 Plugin that allows 100% Access to the Twitch API/PubSub & Features within UE4
  • xStreamer Cards: Procedurally Generated Trading Card Game based off Twitch Account Data.
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